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Discussion in 'Ouija Board Experiences' started by tim_livescifi, Jul 14, 2016.

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    Be careful!
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    Wow im sorry about your bad experience with zozo, I'll tell u my experience with him. one night around 6 pm after watching videos of people calling Satan's number, I decided to try calling the number, I tried about 10 times, then around 8 pm I tried again, well about 9 pm I receive a call from a number very similar to Satan's but one of the 6's was a 7 and they left a voice mail stating if you would like your student loan forgiven call so and so number. well like 2 months after me calling Satan's number, guess who decided to visit me, zozo. but I was sound asleep and what woke me up was something was touching me so I open my eyes and i felt like something was trying to take the life out of me, so I look up and there was a dark entity right above me, then when I faced it i started thinking mayou the Lord bless you and be with you, and he immediately left me alone but then he hovered in front of my windows with wings and his red eyes staring at me, I couldn't stare directly into them cause it was blinding, so I repeatedly kept thinking may the Lord bless you and be with you and he eventually left. I also contacted him with the oiuji app that I have, but after I asked him how he was he immediately left, because I think also one of my guardians also helped me because I was seeing a bright orb in my room too.
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    I'm more interested in the sleeping (to find out what is attached or haunting you) videos , please be careful as zozo is a double edged sword. He can be helpful but also at the same time can be fickle.
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    ...dang it didnt quote as I hoped :/
  5. Tim , Lance Stewart also lives in California ,Lance Stewart played with a home made ouija board outside of a cemetery at night & zozzo was who was contacted & lance Stewart has been haunted ever since with being dragged out of his bed & the kitchen cabinet being opened & the couch moving ,the dogs cage being moved & the mirror in his Guest room has a fist hole all the way through too the wall & zozzo is trying to possess Lance Stewart can you please help him !
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    First, I enjoyed reading about your experience but, I don't think that was your cousin's father. It's rare for a human spirit to talk through the board especially when that enity is around mostly in my opinion.

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