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    No, someone else whom I had a conversation with on here claimed they experienced holy water turning black. I have no idea what that means and, there's alot of theories as to why it happens. To me, in my opinion, I think it's bad.
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    are you guys still doing a live show tonight from that haunted road?
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    the same kind of scratches its scary
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    Can you make a video, also can you take some pictures of your house, and see if something odd will appear, also its better to use older camera, not dslr
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    I think you should try and talk to your parish. My father is a Deacon in the Catholic church and has a fellow Deacon who participates in helping tortured souls. I could see if I could get u an answer about the holy water. If that will help.
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    Do Not Use That Board. Burry it..
    Candie. ✌
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  8. Candie Ellis

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    So strange but u need to click expand to read my above reply.
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    Thank you, but it is so tempting, i love the board, i wanted to display it on my wall, and it costed alot, because i couldnt find it in Europe so had to order from US :) I also wear ouija planchette necklace, which i cleansed, and i loved it, wondering if it has any power :)
  10. Candie Ellis

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    I know it is tempting but so not worth it in the end. Im guessing it would alL depend on the origin of the necklace and if n e one placed n e thing on it. Was it store bought? Homemade? Previous owners? Be Safe...
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  11. Don't, if you do ur life Will be at risk
  12. I gotten scratched like tim yes I had lots of things happen I got ahold of a priest because yesterday went into some weird trance the room started looking double and I smelled flowers and a bell rang three times and stopped them since then I feel sick I d k I growled
  13. Candie Ellis

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    Hi Christy

    Im glad you contacted ur clergy. I spoke to my Deacon friend about you and things u exp esp the holy water. His advice was just that contact clergy esp someone with exp because it u touch holy water n it turns black something is residing in you. Like I said he is exp with exorsims for the Catholic church. Good luck hondy. Keep me updated. Ill be praying for u.

  14. tim_livescifi

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    Here is another story that was recently submitted to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

    I am writing you this email after reading an article you had posted regarding the entity "Zozo" that appears while using a Ouija Board; and boy... do I have a story (or multiple honestly) for you.

    I broke out my board a few days ago with a couple of friends and something came through that wouldn't give any of us straight answers, kept saying it only liked me out of the group, said it was "0" years old and continuously pretended to be a family member of one of us and told us that there were 9 other spirits there. When asked what its name was, it kept saying "M-A-M-A," "Z-O-Z-O," and "OZ." It kept making repeated circles on the board, trying to go to the corners and also make a zig zag pattern. At this point, I had no idea what any of that meant and it happened each time I used the board the next few days.

    After playing it multiple times in my house, we took the board to a place known as "Devil's Chair" as well as a well-known "Witch's Grave" and the "Witch's House" in a small town near me; when "Z-O-Z-O" came through again, I looked it up and my stomach started to hurt horribly and I began to cry for no reason. We all got tingly chills and felt something breathing down our necks.

    We opened up the board again at my house this evening and yet again "Z-O-Z-O" came through; it kept saying it didn't like my boyfriend and that he had 5 days. When we asked if that meant we had 5 days until things got bad, the board went to "Yes." It was answering questions correctly that we were thinking in our heads and was guessing numbers correctly. When we asked it to blow out a candle, the candle flickered and the board replied "yes" when asked if it didn't have enough power yet. We said his name out loud and taunted him a bit, unfortunately; he even told us to get more people involved on the board and tried saying that I was going to kill my boyfriend and eat him. One of the spirits said he was Spanish and even began speaking in that language; at this point a spirit who seemed to be my grandfather (due to answering questions correctly) came in and said that ZoZo could harm us and he wanted to help protect me.

    We are at a loss for words right now and don't quite know what to do; I wanted to share this story with you.​
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    I almost got this same board... They are very interesting
  16. TankGirl

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    Actually I haven't ever used a Ouija Board but I am curious... Soon maybe
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    I had my first Ouija experience a year and a half ago, my friends and I are all into the paranormal so we decided to go to the cemetery in the middle of our campus and see if we could talk to anyone there (I had felt spirits reaching out to me when I went on walks there). It started out simple enough, we talked to someone with the initials E.W. for a half hour before MAMA showed up. My friend was having trouble with MAMA showing up in her sessions and after she got the entity to leave we lost our connection to E.W. so we packed up and left. The next time that I used a board I was with the same friend, and this time MAMA and ZOZO showed up periodically, once overlapping my friend's uncle who had just visited her in a dream to tell her he was okay. ZOZO and MAMA didn't seem to do anything harmful, just a bit annoying. Then I got my own board and things started getting heavy. I was with a different friend and MAMA showed up at about 2 in the morning, and being annoyed we decided to just talk to them for a while to see what they wanted with us and to see if they had a message that they wanted to give to our friend that refused to talk to them. Next thing we knew it was 8 in the morning and we hadn't slept or left the room in hours. We closed the session but it didn't feel right. I could still feel the energy around me as I went about my daily life. I used the board again because it had started to become an addiction MAMA was there rainbow arcing like there was no tomorrow, and I talked to them. I didn't have questions so much as a conversation with them, we traded jokes and discussed a show that was on in the background (Salem which is apparently completely inaccurate). The next time I was in the room with my friend with her bored her grandfather warned me heavily against continuing with my board, I ignored it, because what's the worst that can happen? ZOZO started coming out more and more and once again we just talked, I knew who they were, I knew they were bad news but they were just talking to me, making the plancett dance and telling jokes. I did not tell my friend what I was doing, but she came to me and told me that her spirit guide was worried, that my board was completely taken over by the entities and that they were attaching themselves to me. Thoroughly shook I shelved my bored and donned a rosary that had been given to me. About a week after I was walking to class and the rosary snapped, I fixed it and continued but it snapped again. I knew I fucked up, but I refused to talk to them for months until I moved and the temptation was too strong, I opened my ouija board back up and talked to them, their movements were so strong that I was almost knocked over, they were pissed that I hadn't talked to them. After talking to them for a bit, calming down their movements so I could get a word in we continued like we had been, just talking and joking around. They gave me an ouija name, NMNM. It was funny for a while, I'd open the session and it would fly NMNM ZOZO or NMNM MAMA to let me know who I was talking to. I kept talking to them over the summer and then I found Live Scifi, when they went to the ZOZO house. I used my bored at the same time Tim was using his I asked if he could give Tim a message for me and he refused, I asked why and he got a little pissed, he didn't want Tim to know about me. Then NMNMZOZOMAMANMNMZOZOMAMA NMAZO started swirling togeather I asked what that meant but it just continued to wiz by. I asked if we were connected, it paused before shooting to yes. I closed the session and messaged Tim on twitter and Derren Evans, whom I had tried to talk to before it got to this. I got on the board again and they were mad that I had told about the connection. I've talked to them only two or three times since then, to ask about things affecting my friends and things affecting me (I've woken up with bloody scratches on my face and back a lot, along with several energies knocking things over in my room or whistling). So ZOZO and I are kinda cool, it's a weird kinda freaky situation I found myself in, but I know I don't want to get rid of my board or burn it or whatever. Thanks for listening.
  18. Circles and then zigzag = circles are usually opening of a portal and then the zigzaging is usually a sign of closing it.
    Zozo is a connection medium, dont taunt it ever cause because of that. You now have an attachment of a spirit that will now feed off u.
    Find out who the actual demon/spirit is and then cleanse the place. If you are not able to do this find a clergy person who will.
  19. Just wondering. Can you do a video of your sessions and a sleep video after it? Im curious as i do want to find out what attachments are with u.
  20. Weeping Sparrow

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    I haven't used my board in a while, but I might record the next session! I'll leave a link here if I do.
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