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Discussion in 'Theories' started by Gothickangel, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Gothickangel

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    In native American lore (my grandfather who is Algonquin Indian told me this) there is a creature that is called the Windigo. Its a shape shifter. It can be animal, human, mist and even possess. Its seen with large glowing eyes and dark human looking body sometimes with fangs. It walks upright unless in animal or mist form. It can change rapidly these forms. Sometimes smells so bad you wanna vomit. It can speak like that of man or creature or animal. Can possess humans as well to cause them to kill or torment them.

    Some say its from an evil person who hasn't crossed over, or one that was possessed by in in life then died, or a demon itself.

    In books I have read it states that throwing feces at it can scare it away or shamanic ways of protection or purification.
  2. windsong

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    I have heard of that before. Once saw a movie called WINDIGO and it was in the shape of a deer but on 2 legs.
  3. putty_tat007

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    Ok so where do you get the poop to throw at them or should I even ask? :shock:
  4. krzymoose

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    Re: Oy!

    OMG Putty....You crack me up!!!! :lol: :lol:
  5. iowaghostlady

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    Was thinking the same thing Putty! And in all seriousness,what happens if you don't have poop to throw? what do you do? Are there other means of warding it off??
  6. Dreamers_Legacy

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    Im sorry

    I just have too...

    I say just poop in your pants and run like hell...
  7. krzymoose

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    I suspect if I ever saw one of these things, wondering whether or not I could poop my pants wouldn't be an issue :shock: :shock: :shock:
  8. iowaghostlady

    iowaghostlady Residual

    LMAO!!!! I think the running thing would happen AS I was soiling myself!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  9. MelanieS

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    Look at it this long as you're pooping, you're safe!
  10. L.Gaunder

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    I saw that movie...AWFUL movie...I fell asleep during it.
  11. styxx374

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    I would suspect that if one didn't initially have poop to throw, surely after seeing this creature that problem would take care of itself.... :lol:
  12. Gothickangel

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    Never saw the movie. But movies tend to over do it by making up stuff as they go along. Even documentary movies have to fill in the blanks somehow.
  13. SASWS_Paranormal

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    Well, as a Chinook Indian, we didn't have the Windigo in our mythology, but we did have Boqs (Sasquatch) and he has a hell of a stench of his own!!!

    We also had a host of other nasties:

    At’at’ahila – race of cannibal women that are described as fur covered with very long hair that covers much of their body.

    Tahmekwis – A race of little stick people comparable to the European Fairy Folk.

    Sqál-es-en – A race of invisible wild people.

    Siyeya – A race of little people like leprechauns.

    Steta'l – A race of giants.

    Matlose – A goblin like race.

    Bukwus – A Wild Man race.

    Sqitew’ – A mermaid.

    Gildeptis – A tree spirit like the Celtic dryad.

    Tsi-at’-ko – A demonic race that roams the woods, especially along roads and trails in search of lone, weary travels to harass and abduct.

    And the worst ones of all – the Lxuinae – supernatural beings from the Shadowland who were known to come through a fog that passed over water and abduct people and bring them into the Shadowland.

    Of course there were many more.
  14. Nightowl

    Nightowl Residual

    Wow, SASWS, I had no idea that there were that many different myhts or legend. And you said there are more? I'd like to hear about them. Very interesting.
  15. R501O

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    lol by the way it was described i think everyone will have poop to throw at it because that thing sounds scary
  16. train

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    Re: Oy!

    well from now on i guess in my big purse oh forget it, a special container i will from now on carry a large bag of poop..and when on a walk a poop ward those things off..and a face mask lol

  17. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    Being a horror movie buff and yes I can watch B/ low budget movies and enjoy them. But I fell asleep during this one. Woke up and hubby said OMG that movie was terrible.

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