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Discussion in 'Forums Support' started by tim_livescifi, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Hey everyone in light of the last couple of shows I have realized that twitter and facebook are not good enough alone to use for the shows. A lot of you have been asking why are we using the forums. The main reasons are:

    1. On twitter/facebook - your conversations get lost, yes thats right ! One of the most important things for me and others investigating the paranormal is to your read your thoughts, and also see possible screen captures.

    2. One central place for screen captures - It is nearly impossible for me and others to find, and respond to all the screen captures when they are posted on various social networks

    If anyone has a problem using the forums please let me know. I am trying my best to improve the experience for everyone!
  2. I think this is the best idea , we all can see everyone's responses and findings
  3. Kellee

    Kellee Poltergeist

    Its great to have one central place for everything.
  4. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    love the shirt!
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  5. Bek

    Bek Residual

    I think it's great YouTube chat gets to full on
  6. JulieB

    JulieB Residual

    It's great to be able to come in here and collaborate everything. I know just from the last show there were so many screen caps and this really is the best place to put them for Tim to see so they don't get lost. The atmosphere here as well is much more calm and inviting ☺✨❤✨
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  7. LoverOfMutts

    LoverOfMutts Poltergeist

    I think you know my issues...need to be able to post larger pictures and/or files with different extensions like those that are taken on mobile phones. I have many pics & videos I can not post here. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to resolve these issues. They're are probably more people than just me struggling with this.....thanks.
  8. Heather

    Heather Residual

    You never respond to any of my " great " questions but I continue to ask them .
  9. Kellee

    Kellee Poltergeist

    Hahah so do I!!! <3
  10. Kristin

    Kristin Poltergeist

  11. Agreed Kellee.
  12. I think the forums is great for your and other peoples opinions.

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