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Discussion in 'Paranormal Experiences' started by Danielle Zoe, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Today is my first time in over a year i am watching live scifi again! I have missed it a lot but definitely had to build up insane amounts of courage to watch it again! about april last year i was watching a live scifi video with my boyfriend as we always did, we are super interested in this sort of stuff! i can't actually remember what the video was about but we watched it as per and enjoyed it, because i live in new zealand the time zones are different and we watched the video during the day so they never really scare us that much, but that night i was waiting for my boyfriend to come to bed and i heard someone coming into my room and i thought nothing of it i just thought it was my boyfriend coming to bed, then i felt something grab my foot and it wasnt like a playful grab or a light grab, it was super painful and i felt really uncomfortable and terrified so i called for my boyfriend and he came running in and said there was no one in the room when he came in, not even any of the animals so we slept with the light on that night because we were terrified and i just could not sleep while he was beside me sleep talking in some weird language i dont even know but after a few hours i felt a lot more calm and felt i was ready to go to sleep so i closed my eyes and tried to sleep and i all of a sudden felt a horrible feeling i dont even know how to explain it but it was like a very nervous feeling like i was just waiting for something to happen and the suspense was killing me, but i just couldnt move or open my eyes i just lay there feeling really like nervous and i was panicking and then i heard this really groggy sounding voice say "tim" like right behind me and i jumped onto my boyfriend ahahah i had to wake him up i didnt want to be alone anymore and we fell asleep together after like 2 hours of watching funny videos and eating food haha, the next morning he told me he had the worst nightmares he has ever had that night but didn't feel comfortable talking about what the dreams were, we both decided that whatever happened was because of the live scifi video and stopped watching! nothing creepy ever happened again after that and i have finally built up the courage to get back into live scifi!! wish me luck for tonight hahahaha
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    You know... I've had a similar experience like this but, I don't think it was from watching the live shows or not... I had a dream recently that some creature was grabbing my hand and sucking it up into its mouth. So, while trying to wake up from this dream, I saw my room in all actuality, nobody was was in my room but, the tugging of my hand continued.... Then I had another dream where I first experienced the entity called "The shadow man". It's an ancient urban legend and people have reported seeing this entity. You can learn more about this story in the tab "paranormal experiences" with the thread labeled "The shadow man" if you are interestd. In all, I do believe that entities can use whatever is available to them to manifest, whether it be the audience watching the live shows, Tim and his crew... The paranormal is a thrill to experience but also a scary ride. I admire Tim soo much because he has the faith and courage to move any mountain. He will definitely make history and finally prove to the world that the spiritual world is not a myth but reality as we speak.
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