why did i need fb login for live chat?

Discussion in 'Chat Issues' started by Sue22, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Sue22

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    Hi Everyone,
    I got my account sorted out in time for Sallie House.
    When i go to live feed, for the chat, i had to login thru FB!? Why?
    So now, instead of my user name here, it shows my FB AC name. CAN IT BE CHANGED?
    Now I've logged into some FB on your site, how do i log that out?
    I love the chat here, much better, as utube is, so many random idiots!
    Only problem when trying watch live feed with the chat, video keeps freezing.
    E.G. Today at Noon (UK time) 8th September, i go to live feed, its frozen & still showing time as when i last looked, 7th September at 17.00(your video stamp time)? I know there's only 7hours difference between us. Everone else could see new feed but me!
    I couldn't get the the final live feed to play within this site coz of that.
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    Hey! I'm a moderator in the Chat here @livescifi.tv You can use your Facebook or Twitter to log in as well. If you need any help Feel Free to message me :) I'd gladly help In any way

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