Who wants a shout out!!

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by tim_livescifi, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Bonfire

    Bonfire Residual

  2. Bonfire

    Bonfire Residual

    i want a shout out!!
  3. Bonfire

    Bonfire Residual

  4. Bonfire

    Bonfire Residual

    ive heard of it so call
  5. Bonfire

    Bonfire Residual

    so i dont use twitter,but im always liking vids n trying to respond. i guess i have to twitter:-(
  6. Bonfire

    Bonfire Residual

  7. Mayham

    Mayham Residual

    I do, just started watching your stream a few days ago, and what you guys are doing is awesome. Such a neat idea. From Ontario Canada :)
  8. othersideseeker

    othersideseeker Residual

    Shout Out Please for the Show!!!
  9. Jessica watts

    Jessica watts Residual

    Shout out tim!! Love u guys!!
  10. Christine56

    Christine56 Ghost

    Shout out Tim love you guys
  11. Suzzi

    Suzzi Residual

    Me please for Zo Zo house!
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  12. killerclown1979

    killerclown1979 Poltergeist

    I'm def up for a Shout Out Timbo as always :) but if you can't get to me it's totally ok. I know mad people want shout outs. Love ya Tim :)
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  13. Kellee

    Kellee Poltergeist

    ShOUToUtZ BaYbEEEE YeA..:cool:

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