Where would you like us to go?

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by tim_livescifi, May 30, 2017.

  1. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Name a location that you would like us to visit? Would love to hear your ideas!!
  2. MarcushZozo

    MarcushZozo Residual

    I've been to a couple places that are definitely haunted. The catacombs in Paris, and the Monte Cristo Homestead in Australia.
    Catacombs was on a tour where we could explore freely, Monte Cristo was a tour/overnight bed and breakfast. Ideas if traveling is an option.
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  3. B.Moon

    B.Moon Residual

    Bobby Mackey's in Kentucky. That would be an awesome place to use the Ouija. Right by the hole they say is a portal to hell!! Bet you would get some amazing EVPs.
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  4. Robin Z

    Robin Z Residual

    Virginia City, Nevada please! It's really close to you and other fans in California. Schedule a meet n greet perhaps? Lots of locations including some not well known. Have a beer at the Bucket of Blood Saloon!!♥
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  5. Punk'D Steven

    Punk'D Steven Residual

    30 East Drive, Pontefract in West Yorkshire (UK) would be a great place to visit. It's reportedly the most haunted house in Europe.

    Theres an official website for 30 East Drive which gives some great information on the history, sightings and much more. Even if a visit isn't possible, it's still definitely worth to look up!
  6. MarcushZozo

    MarcushZozo Residual

    I'd go for that. In n Vegas here.
  7. Candie Ellis

    Candie Ellis Ghost

    Gettysburg, PA would be awesome!! I have been there several times. It's great in the fall.
  8. Tim come too Florida & go to the cemetery where my grandparents & cousins & my aunt & uncles the cemetery is very active at night here on pine island road of Cape Coral Florida the cemetery is called coral ridge cemetery I have seen a lot of strange things at night & in the day time also !
  9. kelly

    kelly Residual

    Goldfield Hotel; poltergeist activity in basement.
  10. Tanner Dorow

    Tanner Dorow Residual

    I would love to see you go to Reseda House of Evil, St. Anne's Retreat, Los Coches Adobe, Winchester Mystery House, Dorthea Puente house, or the Missouri Penitentiary. I know these are mostly Ghost Adventures locations, but I think they would make for AMAZING LiveSciFi lockdowns!!
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