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    When I was little my mother had problems with a demon in our house that would not allow her to pick things up. Every time she tried whatever she tried to pick up would slide away from her. She made a game out of it to keep us from being scared by it. She went to a small local market and a jar of jelly floated off of a shelf and hovered in mid air right in front of her face. She put her hands up so the store owner who was at the counter could see she never touched it. It wobbled from side to side for a minute then crashed to the floor and broke. She turned and told the owner "I never touched it" He looked pale and stunned. He told her " I saw what happened. Please leave my store and don't ever come back" After that she was able to pick things up again and not have any problems.

    I've had my own stuff happen that completely creeped out my ex husband. I was hanging up our cordless phone one night around 2 am and without warning I turned and pointed to a corner of our living room and said " "Name" (his abusive step father who his mother had left" is watching our house." I also told him that the next day a girl that also lived there would be running to hang up the cordless phone cus it was going dead, that his mother and his little brother would be in his moms room playing video games. Him and I will have just finished an argument where he would pick up one end of the coffee table and would slam it down. Then "name" would walk in the door without knocking and demand to know where his mom was." For some reason my husband called his mom to check on her cus she was around the corner staying the night at his aunts house and she also said she felt like something was up and admitted that "name" had called her earlier in the day. From the position that "name" was sitting he could see both houses. The next day everything happened exactly as I had predicted down to every detail. Another time I was asleep in bed and my husband was laying next to me watching tv. I bolted upright from a dead sleep and said "someone is in the backyard!" He opened his mouth to say something and suddenly our dog went crazy and the gate to the backyard slammed hard against our bedroom wall. Apparently someone had tried to steal a windsurf board we had tied up in the rafters of our back porch. I haven't had anything like that happen since but it was really weird.

    When my mother was working at a local convenience store she was stocking the beverage shelves when she saw someone in the store but hadn't heard the door chime go off. She came out and looked down the aisle past the doors of the fridge where the beer and sodas were kept. She saw a woman in a black dress move down the aisle but she seemed to float and when she reached the end of the aisle she didn't turn. It was like her back phased into her front and she was suddenly facing my mom. She moved back towards her still seeming to float and moved through her. She said she felt the thing pass through her and for a min she could only shake. Whatever it was faded away after it passed through her. Luckily no one came into the store until she was recovered from it. My family has had a long history with seeing supernatural things. I could keep going for hours. but will stop here. =P
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    Interesting stories... So, the guy at the market in reference to your mom's experience, did he make the demon go away?

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