When entities attack, they attack in mind....

Discussion in 'Paranormal Experiences' started by Sara A, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Sara A

    Sara A Residual

    I have found, when entities attack, they attack in mind, in dream state. They strike at a deeply subconscious level and appear in bizarre shape and form, behaving in ways that are immoral by every definition of the word, uncouth, abnormal and just unacceptable by normal, everyday standards. For example, smiling faces caked with what seems like a bad clown make up job. They appear gleeful and dumb at the same time. Similar to the red lipped, smiling white faces in James Wan's first 'The Conjuring'. I say this seriously.
  2. erika

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    Yeah thats true. I often get attacked in dream state, waking up at 3am, sometimes even getting extremelly heavy migraine pain in my sleep.
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  3. Sara A

    Sara A Residual

    yes, those migraines. Geesh, am suffering from them, too, now....
  4. Alfred

    Alfred Poltergeist

    I think you could be right... I experience sometimes what I think are spirits pulling my soul out of my body and, other times I think my soul is trying to travel somewhere beyond this world. I know anything is possible. Although, I wonder why spirits choose to attack in dreams or when you're in some condition of mind? Seems to me they could attack anytime they wanted. I've been attacked fully awake before by an unseen force with great strength and power. A strength I never felt before.
  5. DizzyStephie

    DizzyStephie Residual

    I have been targeted during waking hours, but my worst 'attack' was whilst I was asleep. I woke up one morning feeling very drained and felt a pain on my stomach, so I pulled up my nightdress and across my stomach were deep welts, so deep they had just about cut the skin and the blood had dried. It was really painful. I immediately checked to see if I had done it, like my nails (bitten short with no jagged edges) and I had no jewellery on that would scratch. At that point we had no pets. Checked hubby's nails etc and nothing that sharp on him. He told me that during that night he had woken to me writhing around as though I were trying to fight something off. I believe he tried to rouse me, which stopped me, but didn't wake me. I don't recall a bad dream that night, in fact I didn't dream and I dream lots, its weird when I don't. So the fact that it appeared to an outsider that I was fighting an attacker and I was marked so badly (my nightdress was still pulled down and my duvet was still covering me), I took it that it was an attack. I have 'gifts' passed maternally though, and had some really scary experiences with what I consider to be evil spirits, so I guess an attack was inevitable. Another time hubby woke up to see a huge black mass just hanging above my body, scared him but he didn't tell me about that for months. So, I have been scratched and pushed etc whilst awake, but the worst was during sleep. I so wish I had photos of the scratches, but it was before mobile phone cameras were common and I didn't have a regular camera at that point. I wish I could have shared them, because they weren't just light, they were deep and had bled, just like if an animal had attacked.
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