Whats the Ghost/Spirit Language?!?!

Discussion in 'Theories' started by destyn, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. destyn

    destyn Residual

    Ok this may sound funny, I'll like to see al your opinions here it goes.

    I was you know curios about a place suppous to be haunted as people said, it 's a hotel, maybe I'll take pictures and get info of it soon.

    Well I started going to places and well recording to catch an EVP, it's funny because Im always watching shows of ghost on english language, and my country talk spanish, well I started saying things in english like:
    "Make your prescense", "Are you here?", ect...

    I never catch a thing!! hahaha.... I felt a bit idiotaized! by communicating ghosts of my country talking them in english ahhahhaa

    But I wonder anyway... What language they talk??
    and what about "Telequenesis" related to ghost?
  2. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

    Hey Dessy I hate to admit it but I watch Most Haunted sad but true gotta fill the days I dont hve livescifi lol but anywho and they do this alot. When they go somewhere if it is mentioned that the ghost is some other nationality other than English such as frence or german or something then then the skeptic I cant think of his name right now starts talking to the ghost in that language. Ie if they think the spirt may be french then he says stuff to it in french same for german I dont think he knows any other language.
    But then as a side thing they usually dont get a response when he speaks in french sometimes they do but most of the time they dont so thats a good question.

    I would say if you think that you should speak spanish then by all means speak spanish as long as you get a response then what harm could it do..

    But then also David Wells their psychic says when your dead english is pretty universal so they should understand you with whatever language you speak...
  3. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    Interesting topic. It's my belief, that a ghost would s[eal on whatever language they spoke when they were alive.
  4. stmac70

    stmac70 Residual

    Ouch I hate the thought of even mentioning MH on this site...I must admit I have watched it for a long while now...lol I call it my paranormal soap opera with all there screaming and rock throwing...The skeptic is ciarran o'keefe.. He comes to the show with top notch credentials and then ...well now he is on that show so i think his credentials drop quite a bit....lol
    I would personally think that what ever language the people spoke in the country they are in and also could be according to when they died.

    Of course like here in the US along time ago there were towns that were mainly made up of immagrants from other countries and they all pretty much spoke whatever language of the country came from. For instance I live in a small German community in Texas in the 1800 and early 1900s the primary language was german because everyone here was german,so I would think that if I was investigating at a house here I would need to ask in both german and english just to cover both languages.

    There are communities like this all over the US that when started they spoke their native language whatever that might have been.

    Now with that said if Tim was to go to chinatown in SF do you really think that he would get more responses with english or chinese? I beleive chinese would get the more responses.

    Just like the place were krazymoose lives.It is supposed to be an native american buriel ground....wouldnt you think that you would need to know the language of these humans to know how to speak to them.

    ok now i think i am rambling and i will leave it alone but i could go on for a while longer on this.
  5. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

    no St feel free to continue to ramble thats pretty much what I was trying to say lol sorry I had to use MH as an example I have seen it done on Ghosthunters also when they traveled to Ireland Barry Fitzgerald spoke some scottish and some Irish he hasnt done it yet on Ghi but I think if the place deems it neccsary then he prolly would.. I think its a great tool if you find yourself in a place that has ghosts that dont neccisarly speak the language so to speak. You know maybe it would be good at the Burlingtion Hotel because alot of the "ladies of the night" were prolly immagrients and speak another language other than english..
  6. stmac70

    stmac70 Residual

    Yes i did see the episode of GHI were the guy spoke latin at the monestary and I agree and did make the suggestion at the first show at the burlington that there could be some chinese or mexican spirits of prostitutes there and Jay did attempt a little chinese but was a little rusty at it and couldnt speak alot of it.
  7. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

    excatly St great example again tonight. Barry spoke German romain and I think a little russian and they thing at the revel they got a response in another language when he asked if they would like to speak to him in english. I also think some german could be used maybe on one of the call ins the caller could be spook cause she speaks several languages not sure which ones lol...
  8. Kiva

    Kiva Residual

    I was just coming here to let you know the same thing about GHI. The language they got the response in was Romaine. (sp?) but I see that the bunny is quicker that the tortoise (LOL lola)

    Ok I also wanted to know if anyone else thinks that that lead guy (can't remember his name) has freaky eyes? To me they remind me of Manson's eyes. They are really starting to freak me out!!!!!
  9. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    hmmm well i was going to say the universal language of anything is love but I'll try to be serious for a second...lol...I have been on investigations were I have recorded evps that were in Japanese, and Chinese. I do think that is importart to ask questions while recording sound in other languages or native tongues.
  10. spook

    spook Residual

    interesting thoughts for sure!

    when i was in Germany, i spoke out in German, as i assumed the spirits (if there were any present at all) would understand me clearly. whether they did or not, i have not found out. i didn't pick up anything on EVP. however, i was not alone..and that could account for that! i visited a site in Marienborn, which has the largest border crossing of East/West Germany back in it's time. there were plenty of people tortured/shot in that border crossing area. it is now a big museum, where one can wander about, go into the different buildings and see where cars were torn apart to be searched, and people were interrogated, the offices etc etc. quite scary yet a piece of history to be remembered.

    anyways, whenever i am out on an investigation, and find out there were German people who had lived there and passed on.. i help out by using my mother-tongue as a tool.

    and yes Tim.. love is the universal language! haha!

    i say, speak in whatever language is comfortable to you. if it works, then super duper!! that's Top Drawer! to me, language is a tool we can experiment with and use.

    ps: my first language is German.. i'm just learning Russian, and i'm so far from being fluent in that. haha!
  11. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

    see I knew you spoke more than one lol and I knew german was one of em.. thanks for sharing with us spook :wink:
  12. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    I speak 2, love and english :lol:
  13. pagan

    pagan Residual

    This is sort of off beat but when we were at the Pet Cemetery last summer I spoke to a spirit dog (yep I know weird), but the language I got was english when I was getting the answers...I wonder if language is universal in the spirit world...I guess we won't know until we are there...Donna
  14. Torchwood2008

    Torchwood2008 Residual

    BK, I have to agree with you.

    You have to Talk in terms and words they understand. In words that were Popular back then. If you are provoking, you have to provoke with Insults, and words popular in their time.

    Words From our time Don't have any meaning for them, because they dont know what they are.
  15. iowaghostlady

    iowaghostlady Residual

    Language as it relates to an investigation

    I FIRMLY believe how you approach an entity is in direct corolation(sp?) to what results you receive. Along with the research you do about your location , (usually most teams have at least two weeks to research prior to the investigation) take the time to learn about what language is spoken where you are headed, as well . And try to learn at least enough to form rudamentary phrases to say during EVP sessions, like what is your name? what happened here/to you? etc... not the language wholly, but just how to phrase what questions you want to ask. I mean it just makes sense that if you are hunting in Romania question in romanian, or even if the spirit might speak gaelic, latin,german etc....Also take into account the age of the entity, something as simple as a flashlight, or headlamp might "spook" the spirit, think about it, what 500 year old ghost/entity is going to know what that stuff is?? The thought process behind that is that they might think the devil is present,therefore not be to open to make themselves known. Then there is the whole other topic that is being researched about UV light and it's effects on manifestations, if it actually can hinder results on sites, by drawing the energy away from an entity making it unable to manifest, let alone even quite possibly being almost painful for the entity or provoking an entity into a possibly harmful attack stance.
  16. oddnumber

    oddnumber Residual

    I agree with Bkiff, because why would they know any other language then what they died with. Unless... all spirits are somehow connected with universal knowledge.
  17. Gothickangel

    Gothickangel Ghost

    To me it seems is based on there native tongue, maybe even some are bi or tri lingual. Then theres angels they use for writing a form called "Angelic Script" its an old form from long ago i was first shown it in my teen yrs in dreams when my parents house's activity started to get worse. I was using it along side with chalk for my door frame and floor for protection at night. They always attack the sensitives.
  18. mace

    mace Residual

    spirits have a language

    i was having alot of obe's i guess i dont like to call it astral travel but out of body experiances anyway .i thought i was going crazy and didnt know where to turn other than a shrink and i didn't realize it for what it was till i read comunnion by whitley streiber and he mentioned robert monroe and a book called journeys out of the body and then read far journeys he actually has a institute and examined it in a scientific way and was successful in producing out of body experiances in people who have never had one ill put a link to his site after.
    anywas about spirit language and how he comunicated was in picture form or thought form like if i could read your mind and vice versa rather than words i would say get out of house by thinking of you walking out of house or if you were a hidden i would think of you walking up to me ..Etc
    i would say spirits feel our thoughts more than they listen to our words but thats just my guess and have never really tried comunication but have felt it and it is has always been as i said in the form of actions or thoughts...so maybe less talk and more action lol is best for spirit comunication ..im no expert but just shareing whats happened to me and what i read...
    here is the link to the monroe institute
  19. SASWS_Paranormal

    SASWS_Paranormal Residual

    Speaking of ghost language, in one of your recent investigations, a viewer sent a text to the team about how to say something in "Native American". Do you know that there were over one thousand Native American languages with over 800 surviving today? They were all very different from each other. To say that all Native Americans said hello the same way would be like saying that all Europeans say hello the same way. Just FYI.

    Also when investigating a location with a Native American haunt - here is a tip from me, a Chinook Indian - do a little research on what tribe was there and find out how they said, "Hello friend." Historically speaking with many tribes, if an outsider showed enough respect by speaking those two words in their tribal language, they would welcome that person into the tribe as a friend. You might find some interesting results with that.

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