What places would you like us to go to?

Discussion in 'Haunted Locations' started by master_T, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    waverly hills!
  2. sandratx30

    sandratx30 Ghost

  3. Kimber

    Kimber Residual

    Head to Goldfield Hotel, NV and then on your way back, hit Las Palomos house in Vegas. It is a house that was owned by the Mob early Vegas and the activity is very, very active and very much evil. You will get pushed, hit, tossed, females get spoken to nasty like. Its cray cray. I can send you address, owners moved out because it choked him in front of a room full of people. All swear they saw hand prints digging into his flesh while it was happening from invisable hands.
    Kim Huff
  4. mcfarland28

    mcfarland28 Residual

    If anyone is looking for somewhere cheap to do a ghost hunt, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to Revenant Acres in Charlottesville, IN. My family and I went there twice and got a lot of action both times. The best part is that it is ONLY $25 a person, 4 person Minimum. http://www.revenantacres.com/
  5. Kitt

    Kitt Residual

    What happend to the Welles House? i loved this Place.
  6. Voodoo Dolly

    Voodoo Dolly Residual

    Somewhere I have always wanted to go back to and actually investigate, Suicide Bridge, Pasadena CA.
    I know Tim and Kristen are in Northern Cali But.....If you ever head down south, Suicide Bridge.
  7. erika

    erika Poltergeist

    Some prisons, it must be full of energy and rage
  8. FireAngel766

    FireAngel766 Residual

    i would like to see your group try
    Bobby Mackey's Music World
    i seen how haunted it is ... you guys just have to be very careful
  9. Holly Noelle

    Holly Noelle Residual

    Pennhurst in Spring City, Pa...horribly haunted site. The Quaker Building (Q-1) is the best or worst, depending how you look at hauntings. It housed the most violent of the developmentally disabled men who where kept there.
  10. Cassyemery

    Cassyemery Ghost

    Okie poniki woods in Peru Indiana! Idk if I spelled it right but I have been and it definitely has a strong evil vibe some people think a serial killer haunts the woods

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