What places would you like us to go to?

Discussion in 'Haunted Locations' started by master_T, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. master_T

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    the birdcage sounds like a place that I would like to go too.. 8)
  2. bkiff

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  3. spooked_1

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    Again with the caughing bkiff.... You know what i hear is great to get rid of that caugh you have? Moving to a place with a dry climate...say like Tombstone :wink: :wink:
  4. bkiff

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    Good idea. :)
  5. mary312008

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    1 place i think should be investigated

    I live in san jose ca. and im near this this street called hicks road, since i was in grade school, i remember hearing stories of hicks road, a few people where murdered up there, and there is an abandoned hospital where they say alot of people died, and they say its haunted. there are also rumors of albino caniblals who live up on hicks in some abandened homes up there, and a legand of a ghost dad gone mad. who likes to screw with kids if they pull over on hicks. there is also a huge rock up there that was painted red, its belived to be the door to hell, they say if u touch that door bad things will happen. i remeber going up their alot with friends and it is very creepy at night, there are hundreds of stories about hicks rd, fact or fiction? i think it would be cool to find out!

    livescifi rocks!
  6. auroraangel2b

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    The Lemp Mansion

    go to this site there is more details on this place. :lol:

    Also ill give the the TOP 10 most haunted places site.To give an idea for ya.they are very interesting.
  7. Poizon

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    ah come to the uk, go on, you know you want to [​IMG] and put MH to shame [​IMG]
  8. starbaby1226

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    Haunted Locations

    Have you ever thought about checking out some haunted places in Indiana :?:
  9. master_T

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    Re: Haunted Locations

    what locations would were you thinking about in IN?
  10. starbaby1226

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    Re: Haunted Locations

    Some places like Peggy Holler, Bonds Chapel, and I know of a few other places as well. I know three or four graveyards, if you like to check out. All or most of these places are around Martin County , Indiana Area. These places are filled with myths, ledgans and folk tails and some are in the Martin County History Book. I have two people who will show us where Peggy Holler is, but I have not had a chance to get out there and do my investigation on the place. These are places that no well known Ghost Hunters have checked out, that I know of. They have not been on TV or posted on the net anywhere except for a few photo's of Bond Chapel headstone of Floyd E. Pruett. Bond Chapel you will need to get an ok from the Chapel or the Town, to be able to investigate this place.
  11. ufmg99

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    Hey Tim, I dont know if I'm thinking wrong, but have u ever investigated the Alcatraz prison? I think is a nice place to search for paranormal activities!!! :idea:
  12. stmac70

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    If I remember correctly He tried last Fall and couldnt do it. The reason escapes me right now ,but I think it was something about how much they charged for it or something like that. Thats really none of my business ,but anyway yes he has tried before.
  13. VivzHere

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  14. princessanna

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    Sounds like fun
  15. bkiff

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    The Barn, Yes. You need to have more rolls of tape thrown at you. :)
  16. master_T

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    we will be going back to the barn in march :shock:
  17. bkiff

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    Coolness. We're gonna really get some good evidence there on camera one of these days. I know it.
  18. Starshines

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    I vote for Myrtles Plantation or Sloss Furnace. Primarily because both locations are close to me and I wanna check them out too. Come on down south Timmy!! :D
  19. gore orphanage road in ohio there has been stories about that place I had a ghost girl get into our car we booked it she sat with my daughter and talked I'm like freeking out didn't know what to do just froze so as soon the car started running we booked it stalled the car did girl was about six my seven had a long white dress on with a pink bow sitting with my daughter happen 14 years ago wasn't scary just intimidating I froze because I was like in shock but it's online as route 303 state route
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