What places would you like us to go to?

Discussion in 'Haunted Locations' started by master_T, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    Hey just wondering if there were certain places that you would like us to go to..? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. jumpy_Kangaroo

    jumpy_Kangaroo Residual

    u got any abandoned towns over there?
    or old mines?
    mabe a old abandoned house in middle of nowhere. :wink:
  3. jumpy_Kangaroo

    jumpy_Kangaroo Residual

  4. jumpy_Kangaroo

    jumpy_Kangaroo Residual

  5. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    Oz definetly has its fair share of haunted locales although its a bit far, maybe we could have you go out there and stream for us jump.
  6. jumpy_Kangaroo

    jumpy_Kangaroo Residual

    We're planing on it. :D
  7. jumpy_Kangaroo

    jumpy_Kangaroo Residual

    we're getting closer to streeming! 8)
  8. Oregonmom

    Oregonmom Residual

    Have you been to Brookdale lodge?
  9. Oregonmom

    Oregonmom Residual

    Capitola-The Capitola Theater-
    A movie house-turned-opera and event site near the shores of Capitola Beach, has spooked set workers and construction workers especially in its conversion to an opera house in recent years. One late-night construction worker reported walking into the lobby of the theater and hearing voices and all kinds of racket going on in the theater as if there were a theater-going crowd. When he walked in, the sound "lifted." Another woman, thinking the seamstress was upstairs where projectors once were, took a call and called up the stairway. Hearing a low sultry woman voice say, "I'll get it," she attempted to transfer the call. She went to search for the seamstress. No one was upstairs. The voice was described with similarities to a former owner of the movie house, who died in 1997.
  10. John

    John Residual

    Brookdale!!! :) I've been there...it definately feels haunted! I had the feeling of being watched from a second level door/window in the Brook room.
  11. spooked_1

    spooked_1 Residual

    I would love if livescifi went to Hollywood California. and take one of those haunted hursts ghost tours, and took us all along for the tour. Maybe after words walk around some of the most haunted spots in Hollywood. I would love to see Tim and the gang in front of Gramin's Chinese Theater. Maybe visit The Viper Room and look for the ghost of River Phoenix.
  12. Oregonmom

    Oregonmom Residual

    Or the houdini mansion, or the graveyard there where all the stars are buried, or the sign....lots of places there, and Marilyn Monroes house too!
  13. Godwin

    Godwin Residual

    Sierra Sky Ranch , you're welcome whenever you'd like. Just toss me an email at Godwin1984@aol.com regarding when you'd like to come.

    Most recent activity -

    Orbs caught on camera 12/25/07, 01/18/08, mist apparition caught on security camera by myself. Lights being turned on and off in the kitchen. Lights on stage in the restaurant coming on. Slamming of doors in bunkhouse, something slamming their fist on a French door while being closed <nothing was there>, same door being locked moments later after clerk left. Sounds of faint whispers, footsteps, cold chills passing through body's, smell of a lady's perfume that will vanish as quick as it came. And it seems as though it was communicating with you Tim while you were on another investigation using the quija. Sounds from your provoking were router wires being tapped up against the wall in the back room next to front desk.

    These are all events that have happened since 12/25/07 to 1/19/07. So I invite you here whenever you'd like to come. :D
  14. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

    Well I know you have thrown out during a Q & A that you guys were thinking about doing Batchlors Grove sounds good to me cause then I could make the trek up there I have always wanted to go there and alot of ppl have suppose to be one of the most haunted cemetaries around.. There are alot of places in and around Chicago also.. We could also explore the Ressucrestion Mary theory see if she really does jump into ones car thats another cemetary that gets alot of free press so to speak lol.. So on your way to Ky come on thru... I hve cookies lol
  15. ejmj

    ejmj Residual

    Back to krzymoose's place.. and do more outside thermal cam and staking out that road. And the barn... the mention of manifestation? Need to go back there!
  16. ghostwatcher

    ghostwatcher Residual


    Hey Tim!!!! Good topic!!
    Texas is full of fantastic haunts!!! Check out this site!!!!!


    Tim we would be so stoked to have you and the gang form livescifi down to do a co-op investigation with my team West Texas Paranormal Investigations Society!!!! That would be awesome to stream from Texas don't ya think???!!!
  17. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

  18. Mslolabunny

    Mslolabunny Guest

    I still vote Waverly Hills here is a link from a program called Terror Normal reallyreally good stuff

    http://www.stage6.com/user/TPEChad/vide ... um-(Part-1)

    ok dont know how this got posted twice but omg I watched the whole thing really really great evidence you guys have got to go to waverly you just gotta it would be a livescifi coupe I strongly suggest watching this link you wont regret it
  19. loriestorga

    loriestorga Residual

    you asked about haunted locales Tim well have I got a place for u to check out. I lived in a small ' 1 horse ' town in colorado for oohhhh about 40 yrs. I know of @ least 3 ( or more ) haunted places. 2 of them seem like the friendly types but the other 1 im not to sure of. only heard stories about. that 1 house is called ' the spider house' not sure why but sounds creepy lol. anyway they say thru the stories that a man killed his entire family in that house. U all wanna chack it out??? pls?!?!? the other place is 'The Rapids ' a lil restraunt i worked @ for 25 yrs. several have said there is some1 in the rest & when i worked there with new owners i lived there as well. well theres lots of places to investigate. The town is names Grand Lake & its next door, so to speak, from the stanley in estes park. The museum is said to b haunted as well. There is also a ghost town in the nat'l park, lulu city. dont know alot about it but would b fun to check it out. :)
  20. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    I have a question. The site of the World Trade Center. Doesn't it make sense that this site would be haunted? as anyone heard anything about the place?
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