What Creepy Rituals would you like us to try?

Discussion in 'Haunted Locations' started by tim_livescifi, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Hey everyone over the past year I have tried numerous rituals, while some have panned out most were a bust. So I am asking you which ones would you like me to try again, or perhaps suggest new ones. Some of the past rituals that we have done on our YouTube channel have included, bloody mary, one man hide and seek, midnight man, three kings ritual, channel infinity, baby blue, closet game...

    Please let me know!
  2. BonezSax

    BonezSax Residual

    Baby blue!
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  3. evilgurl71

    evilgurl71 Residual

    This is what the ritual is called and it sounds f***ed up
    2016-07-14 19.54.00.png
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  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Residual

    midnight man!!! live stream it
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  5. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    copy that
  6. Delana

    Delana Residual

    One man hide and seek
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  7. Jason Spooks

    Jason Spooks Residual

    I don't know if you feel like trying this one, but there is a way to summon a familiar spirit. I am refering to native american ones, as they tend to be the most active of the familiars i know of. It would be weird to see one done on live stream, but definately new.

    I Did one once using a Ouija Board, and man it go bad. Our Flashlights all died, the fuse box was blown, and two of us got attacked, me being one of them. I still have a scar on my arm today from the attack, i had to get stitches for it it was so deep. If you choose to do it, fair warning, as you might get some of the best paranormal evidence around, but many people don't do it because it is so dangeous. Seems like the perfect fit for you.
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  8. Monet B.

    Monet B. Ghost

    Red Man, Hosting Game, or Midnight Game!
  9. Jason Spooks

    Jason Spooks Residual

    Slenderman isn't real lol.
  10. train

    train Poltergeist

    i was just looking up rituals and found this one

    This game originated from Korea and performing it supposedly takes you to a different world via an elevator. All you have to do is find a building with at least ten floors and has an elevator. Make sure there’d be no one else riding the elevator aside from you before you proceed with the ritual.
    Once you step inside, you’ll have to do a 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo on the elevator’s buttons. On the fifth floor, a woman would enter, but you should never look at her nor should you speak to her. Afterwards, press the button for the first floor. At this point, the elevator would begin ascending to the tenth floor instead of going down to the first. Upon arriving at the tenth floor, you may get off the elevator to explore this different world.
    The woman would ask “Where are you going?” but you should never answer. After walking around, you may return to the real world by going inside the same elevator and using the same 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo. In the event that you pass out during the game, you’d most likely find yourself waking up inside your own home. But make sure to look around, since it may not be the same home anymore.
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  11. itsxxbabbsxxbabe

    itsxxbabbsxxbabe Residual

    That's so freaky!!!
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  12. Kellee

    Kellee Poltergeist

  13. Kitt

    Kitt Residual

    Well from my point of View its kinda useless to do games and Rituals since Tim has attached Spirits and i believe darker things on him. So the evidience would most likely be false because of the attachements. Thats why I prefer classic Ouija.
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  15. WoolieBird

    WoolieBird Residual

    I second the Dark Reflection Ritual Tim. Would make for a great stream video ✌️
  16. TehSalade

    TehSalade Residual

  17. Sam D

    Sam D Residual

    Elevator game please.

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