Weird shit in my hallway

Discussion in 'Photographs' started by ✳Debstar66✳, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Can you please take a clearer picture because I only see 10 entities in the picture but it looks too dark on the bottom
  2. ✳Debstar66✳

    ✳Debstar66✳ Poltergeist

    10...oh my! Its taken from my cellphone at night with flash. Once i enlarge the photo, the pixels get disorted which makes the image fuzzy. Sorry.
  3. Yep that's a Demon Face, no doubt.
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  4. ✳Debstar66✳

    ✳Debstar66✳ Poltergeist

    Call me crazy, but i see a good spirit trying to stop a bad spirit from entering my room...
    What do you think? IMG_20171020_023117.jpg IMG_20171020_023106.jpg
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  5. Yep you are right no doubt what so ever..
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  6. Salt line your door mate and sage smudge your room, that will keep the demons away for awhile while those keeping a close eye on you (protecting) are able to enter.

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