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Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by Nightowl, Aug 7, 2008.

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    this almost makes me want to cry :? ...I guess I get frustrated by people who see it is there duty to turn historical landmarks into profitable buisnesses, I guess its the american way..
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    We were told they were planning this while we were at the investigation last month. Although I enjoyed hunting ghosts there, I'd pay to sleep in an UNhaunted hotel. I suppose that there's just no way to pay for its upkeep and such on just tours.
  4. master_T

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    i can't imagine a place like that there is much to upkeep and charging what they do for tours im sure that the non-profit makes more then its share to pay for renovations..200k in 01...what a steal..
  5. Nightowl

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    I agree. I wish they would just leave it as it is. I can't image it making nearly as much money as a hotel. Especially after the facination with it wears off. Doesn't seem like there would be enough people visiting Louisville, that would be interested in a Haunted Hotel. Maybe if they left the 3rd, 4th and fifth floors alone, so you could still have investigations, it might work. But, I think they are ruining it for ghosthunters. It is very disappointing! :(
  6. MelanieS

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    I'm agreement. I think it might draw a small crowd, but without large ballrooms & banquet facilities being used every weekend, the novelty will wear off quickly, I'm afraid.

    On a different note, at least now, we'd have a place to stay AND investigate. :D
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    Man, you'd think it would cost more to upkeep as a hotel than to leave it as it is and use the $$ from tours to make sure the building is safe for said tours.

  9. chastam

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    They are leaving the top 2 floor as is....for investigations....I'd pay to sleep there! Although I agree with you all :wink:
  10. squirlz

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    once again the dollar wins out

    remember children: money is the root of all evil
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    Actually...according to the plans by the designer, the top floor will be turned into some bar/nightclub thing.

    The whole thing just depresses the hell outta me.

    Think of how much they make as it is. Seriously. Do the math.

    They turn that into a hotel and they're going to make a FRACTION of that. a FRACTION!

    Money may be the reason they're doing it, but to me, it just doesn't make sense financially to change it. They're sitting on a gold mine.
  12. chastam

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    Thats odd Mel, the owner told me that they were leaving the top 2 floors as is for investigations. Would be kind of hard to investigate the 4th floor if there is a bar on the 5th eh? People do the strangest things for money. She also said they have investigations nightly there so you know they are making money with not much up keep on the place....IDK :roll: either way, hate to see it turned into something other than what it is. Depressing for sure :cry:
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    Tim, wasn't able to find the whole article, but, it said the Waverly Hotel was on hold due to a dispute!!! Looking for more details and will post them when I find anything. :D
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