Video Footage of Kayla's Door on EJ's Birthday.....YIKES!!

Discussion in 'Video Clips' started by krzymoose, May 8, 2008.

  1. krzymoose

    krzymoose Residual

    OK...So there I was at about Noon on Thursday in Livescifi Chat with all us BabyWatchers waitng for news about Ethans arrival...Kids were in was quiet in the house. When I heard Kayla door to her room unlatch and opened a bit and closed back a bit and I thought. hmmmm now that doesn't happen every day so I ran up an peeked to see if her windows were open or her ceiling fan was on...and no they usual. Made sure our tricky little cat, Trixi wasn't sneaking in th room for some feline fetish...she was outside hunting lizzards no doubt. So I left the door as it was and came back down stairs to the couch when the door started to creep slowly open again, so I flipped on my Canon PowerShot digital camera on movie mode and turned it up the door and here is exactly what I captured. This is my first video from my cam..and my first time to upload one anywhere so its put up just as i downloaded it from my camera editing

    Oh and seriously, I was just being kinda sarcastic when I asked for the door to be closed....I certainly didn't expect this response....
  2. Nightowl

    Nightowl Residual


    :shock: Wow, that is awesome!!!! I would have keeled over from shock!!!
    Has Kayla seen this? I am speechless---and that doesn't happen very often!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  3. marymary

    marymary Residual

    Speechless too!

    I'm sitting here actually responded to you! It really gave me goosebumps to watch that. I'm going to be in shock the rest of the day (and I was already in shock over the birth of a 9+ lb baby boy!)...

    My questions are: How do you feel about this definitive piece of evidence and what do you do next????
  4. Anddos

    Anddos Residual

    it seems like when you asked nicely nothing happened but when you shouted , it responds .., i dare you to ask it to knock or tap
  5. Blue_Rain

    Blue_Rain Residual

    I saw this in chat yesterday but had to watch it again,it freaks me out a little,good job krzy :!:
  6. spook

    spook Residual

    [​IMG]no words needed...
    this is far too freakie!
  7. GH213

    GH213 Residual

    Pretty cool Krzy, That would be a wee creepy..hehe time to pull out the ghost hunting EQ,, 8-[
  8. krzymoose

    krzymoose Residual

    FYI...I'm not showing this to Kayla..

    She has always told me that if something happened in her room, she didn't want to know and I respect that. After all, this is where she sleeps. As long as she feels safe in there then I'm fine.
    This did happen once before and I tried, unsuccessfully to capture it.

    So I would appreciate if she should ever pop into chat during an investigation that she not be made aware! Thanks!
  9. pagan

    pagan Residual

    Great catch krzy..If I had not been in your house and in contact with your spirits I would have wondered about the footage, but knowing you as I do and knowing your spirits at least a little I think this is very cool...Congrats on the capture...Hugs, Donna
  10. warpedandtwisted

    warpedandtwisted Residual

    Very cool Crazy!!
  11. steveninchicago

    steveninchicago Residual

    Ok, that was too FREAKY! :shock:
  12. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    great job moose! interesting catch, especially after you ask it to close the door and it does.. :wink: I wonder if it is the same gentlemen that was in there when we were there.
  13. squirlz

    squirlz Residual

    nice capture!
  14. Sensitive1

    Sensitive1 Residual

    My mouth is still hanging open.
    That's amazing!

    It was nice of him/her to comply, tho!
  15. ejmj

    ejmj Residual

    amazing catch!
  16. crypt

    crypt Residual

    :shock: :shock: oh mercy awesome!!!!!!! thx for sharing :D :D
  17. Not sure how I missed this video :eek: awesome capture...And Kayla sleeps in this room? O lord hon, I feel your fustraition...
  18. GH213

    GH213 Residual

    I have to agree with you Krzy, as long as nothing has occured where you need to involve her regarding her room and she feels good and safe, I wouldnt talk to her about it. just don't let her on the forums, she might find this post hehe O:)
  19. rebel911wi

    rebel911wi Residual

    Yikes! Well I'm glad it didn't slam the door but then again you did say please. How bizarre and yet very cool at the same time.
  20. hauntdone

    hauntdone Residual

    That was pretty awesome krazy!

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