UFO's and Military Bases

Discussion in 'UFO's and Cryptozoology' started by SASWS_Paranormal, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. SASWS_Paranormal

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    Often in the UFO researcher community you hear about UFO’s spotted over military bases. Many believe they are there observing our military technology. I could accept that theory except for the fact of how regular this kind of occurrence is. Why would they need continually do this, did the aliens forget what it was last week? Do our military bases change technology every other week? I feel this is arrogant thinking – that civilized man is so damn important that they are keeping tabs on our “advancementâ€
  2. mssusie24

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    i just dont know if i believe in ufos and aliens. too me that just sounds off the wall. things flying around in space ships or ufo's. i guess i would have to be face to face with one. but yet that is my opinion.
  3. Devils_Darkness

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    I believe they're out there, but I know for certain that society is no where near ready to have proof of them. Not for our sacks but for theirs. Humanity has a very bad tendency to treat things we don't understand badly. :?
  4. spooked_1

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    It would be very arrogant of me to think that were the only ones in this universe. But do they have the capibility to to travel to our little blue planet thats the question.
  5. bkiff

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    I agree Spooked. With all the billions and billions (Carl Sagan voice) of stars out there to think we're alone is rediculous. And everyday astronomers are discovering planets around distant stars. I know we're not alone.
  6. stmac70

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    I concur with spooked and bkiff I think we are fooling ourselves if we think we are the only ones out there. I have not had any personal experiences , but have seen some strange things in the sky that no one could explain to me. On the other hand I also think that the majority of the human race is not prepared for the truth.
  7. Bodhi

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    I have never had an experience nor do I know anyone personally that has & the whole idea of aliens at first seems to be too far fetched!!
    But when you think of the fact that astronomers are finding new planets & stars etc all the time... it really does make you wonder what else is out there... surely we cant be the only beings in the seamlessly never ending universe?!?!?
  8. MelanieS

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    I have always been one who thinks UFO's and aliens are a crock.

    Until I saw something I couldn't identify in southwestern Illinois four years ago.

    I know we're not alone and I don't care to know more than that.
  9. egor102

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    Ive always wondered how someone can believes in god and ghosts and then not believe that aliens exist. the proof that there is intelligent life out there is the fact they havent made themselves known to us yet:p

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