Tulpa Effect and Paranormal Activity

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  1. Hey everyone so I have been watching the shows for a while and I have been noticing some interesting correlations between when the shows that Tim does and the Tulpa Effect..If you don't know what the Tulpa effect is, its a pretty interesting phenomena. Per wikipedia the Tulpa Effect is described as a

    concept in mysticism of a being or object which is created through sheer spiritual or mental discipline alone. Indian Buddhist texts call it an unreal, illusory, or mind-created apparition. The term comes from Tibetian "to build" or "to construct": Tibetan: སྤྲུལ་པ, Wylie: sprul-pa; Sanskrit: निर्मितnirmitaनिर्माणnirmāṇa. Tulpa is sometimes used synonymously to "magical emanation","conjured thing",]"phantom",and thoughtform. Modern practitioners use the term to refer to a type of imaginary friend.

    Some examples of possible Tulpas include ZoZo, Slenderman, Bloody Mary, and Bigfoot. Anyways I was thinking that do you think the viewers through mass though projection are influencing the shows and actually creating paranormal phenomena. This really interests me, Tim also seems to be dialed in to the activity when doing shows. I know that he has said numerous times that the activity seems to be different when he isn't live, so just a thought.
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    It could be but in my opinion quite a few, if not most, could be his "white lady" having a good laugh. Most of the activity is with him and "she" can be anyone. I know if I was stuck to a random person I might mess with them too.
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    This is a very interesting and complicated theory. I've thought about this for quite some time but really can't get my mind around it. Tim could be getting different results for a number of reasons either because the entity knows its being watched or because he may be doing things differently when he is recording than when he is not. To be completely sure we'd have to conduct a study and gather data. And maybe it might seem like different responses to him but what if they actually aren't that different, something we'll never truly figure out since he does not have us to tag along with what he is doing when he isn't recording. When it comes to entities like Zozo... well there is also the thought that even though millions of little kids believe in Santa clause, it does not make him appear. I mean, there are far too many variables involved that I can't come up with a good answer on whether the theory should be shot down or not in this case. I guess, sure it could be possible that the viewers influence the activity in the live streams but to completely "create" an entity and make it real because we believe in it... mmm. Even though i'm open to that being a possibility, we really need a lot of concrete evidence to prove it. We also need to remember that while nothing is impossible, not everything is actually possible. If that makes sense. :)

    Hopefully i sort of helped you come up with your own thoughts on whether it can be true or not, because i really cant say yes or no.

    Something really interesting to me is... If the Tulpa theory is indeed correct and we make up things like Zozo, slederman, etc. then what about God? Is the reason why people get "miracles" actual coincidences or are they possible because people believe they are possible? Let me know what you think.
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    Oh my gosh we should so test it. Lets have tim call for santa clause with all of us focusing on the fact that he will show and see what happens. My money is on something showing up to mess with him. So glad I can be a smart ass from the safety of my home. GOOD LUCK TIM
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    Haha lol :)
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    Are you sure that Bigfoot can be considered being a thought form? I don't think so.

    Another good candidate is MiB.
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    I just heard about Tulpa's, from reading something Lorraine Warren wrote. She believed Bigfoot was a Tulpa.

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