Trail with possible Paranormal Activity

Discussion in 'Haunted Locations' started by Jocelyne, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Hello LiveSciFi team!
    I was wondering if you guys would be interested in checking out a trail with some activity. I had a paranormal experience on said trail about a year or two ago. This small trail is located behind the Cal State East Bay campus in Hayward, CA. I'm sorry about my post being so long. If you want any more details, please message me. I'd be very willing to personally show y'all exactly where everything happened.
    So one evening my best friend and I went on a small hike with a former friend of hers. I was trailing behind them when something threw a small rock or pebble at the young man. It missed both me and my best friend and landed right by his feet. The rock was thrown from slightly behind me on my left side. My best friend and I ignored it and continued. A few feet later, I saw an orb originate from a rock on the ground. I initially thought it was the reflection from broken glass. I turned my flashlight away from that spot, but the little ball of light continued to move up and turned into a mist-like apparition. It was the figure of a man holding his hand up, as if warning us about something, or the young man with us. After that, I tried making sure if I wasn't the only one who saw it. Asked my best friend, but she initially denied it. She told me she did it because the young man was already paranoid by the nocturnal critters running around.
    The following day, I asked her again. It turns out she saw the same thing I did, as well as acknowledging the rock being thrown from behind us. The evening of that day, we went back to thank whatever entity that tried protecting us, but were met by a rather negative energy. Nothing paranormal actually happened, but it was dead silent and I felt like we were being watched. I felt a strange pressure on my chest. The cool night felt suddenly warm and still. I felt that if we stayed any longer, something may have actually happened. The energy there was extremely negative, maybe even evil.
    I have recently gone back to that trail during the day, I did feel some energies, but couldn't really tell if they were good or bad. I'm curious to know what kind of entity is actually there.
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    Disclaimer: There was absolutely nobody on the trail. There was no way someone could have thrown the rock without hearing footsteps.

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