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    i found this theory on the web and i would have to agree it makes alot of sense. what do you think?
    I am about to put forth an idea that suddenly shifted my entire perspective on the mind/body relationship. Indeed, if the implications are truly considered it will shift your entire perspective on many things…

    Here it is… are you ready?…

    The brain has nothing to do with thought or thinking. Furthermore, the brain has nothing to do with memory.

    Whoa, now that’s a big statement! It flies in the face of hundreds of years of medical science! That’s not exactly true either. Science gets partial credit for realizing the connection between the brain and the body and how thought can be affected by the brain. However, the scientific method does not currently allow for the acceptance of the spirit, or the soul. Why? We have no method of proving the existence of spirit or the soul so science dictated that we must assume that the brain is where thought comes from. What evidence is presented by science to back this up? Electrochemical signals in the brain are effected by thought and emotion. Clearly this must be the origin of thought… Yes?… No, not at all… hear me out.

    Science does not recognize spirit but I recognize spirit. I have seen it first hand. I have witnessed a spirit (ghost) think, react and display intelligence AND learn from it’s surroundings (He’s a priest and he can cast me out… I had better get the hell out of here…) . If a ghost can learn then it has a memory. Does a ghost have a brain? Well, no, otherwise it wouldn’t be a ghost. It would be alive. So, a ghost can think and has memory yet it can do this without a brain. Therefore we must conclude that thought and memory do not come from the brain, they come from our spirit.

    To further illustrate this let me point out some fairly well documented psychic phenomenon. How about remote-viewing? A person’s spirit tunes in to another location and sees, observes, thinks about what it’s seeing and memorizes it in order to tune back in to the here and now and relay that information. That person’s brain was not at the remote location but thought and memory still occurred. There must be thought for an observation to be made.

    Ok, so if thought does not come from the brain then what is the brain? Obviously there is some link between brain and thought because our mental states can be measured by electrical activity in the brain. Well, the brain does not think but it does receive the thoughts. The brain is the biological and electrochemical antenna for the body. It is our interface between our soul and our body. Without the brain our spirits could not wield, control or manipulate our bodies. The brain is a big wet gooey organic antenna.

    What is the connection between intelligence (higher forms of thought and better thinking skills) and the brain? Well, if you have a better antenna then you get better reception and more information from the signal emanated by your spirit that does the thinking. What if the part of the antenna that accesses memory is really efficient? Maybe we’d have photographic memory. Some people do! What if the part of the antenna that connected us with our “6th sense” is better than most people’s? I guess our 6th sense would be much stronger. What if your antenna had the ability to pick up more than just your spirit’s signal? You might be able to pick up the signal from someone else (channel a spirit). You get the spirit of what I’m trying to say (pardon the pun).

    What about people with chemical imbalances in the brain or with brain disorders, deformities or tumors? This affects their thoughts so thought must take place in the brain… No, these conditions affect the antenna and therefore our reception of the signal of thought. The thought itself is perfectly fine, it’s simply not being picked up or interpreted correctly because there’s something amuck with the antenna.

    Now, lets broaden the scope a bit. If our brains can be antennas for the spirit then it’s reasonable to assume that other things can be antennas too. I’ll let you stew on that for a while… I certainly need to!
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    Well I dont agree with that.

    I believe our science can explain a lot about brain.

    And I like Karl Gustav Jung's theory about the inconsciousness. And the most wornderfull thing about it is the fact that inconsciousness commands our thought/mind/reasoning FULL TIME. It means: all of our actions are inconscious for about miliseconds, before the action goes to consciousness. Well, the sleep time is the moment where our inconsciousness acts by itself, without using the consciousness as usual (of course sometimes its allowed). So, dreams are objects from inconsciousness to make our self-analysis.

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