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    Please keep in mind that the things I'm about to write are only my strong opinions and perspectives to say the most... I think thoughts are some form of complex energy that is alive and lives with-in the human body. However, I don't think there's a specific place where thoughts live in the body. Moreover, I think this complex energy life-form is crafted with many detailed things such as emotions, intelligence, and the capability to control the body and interact with the physical-life.

    Furthermore, I've read things on the internet about a good portion of scientist who know where thinking occurs in the brain and have cut and separated the thinking part of the brain, from the rest to find that thoughts were nowhere to be found. Yes, these scientist couldn't understand where these thoughts were coming from if the thinking part of the brain is where they "should" be. Yet, these scientist I think ignored this discovery by stating that thoughts are like wave-patterns or they'll use some sort of handsome theory to cover certain facts up. However, this makes no sense in retrospect, looking at how they find that thoughts are nowhere to be found in the place where they thought and believe makes the most sense to co-exist based on intensive research and technology. To emphasize this, I think scientist are very good at being practical when it comes to the paranormal or finding out things that consider alot of thinking and less technology and research. Also, I hope alot of you understand that scientist base everything off of observation and using the rest of the common senses humans have which are ears, nose, mouth and eyes.... I think alot of people forget to that scientist use something that everybody uses all the time which is... Faith. That's something you can't see, nor understand where it comes from but every human being lives each day in it. Without it, where would we be as a world and as a collection of history?
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