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    Hey all,

    Hey Tim, if your looking for haunted locations in Canada to Visit that don't cost much if any. Come check out the town of Frank. Aka Frank slide. It use to be an old Mining town of a 100 people. Was built next to a mountain. One day, one side of the Mountain decided to cave and ton's of rock's came falling down the side of the Mountain and covered the entire town. There are still remains under the rocks till this day. They have not all been recovered. It also remains today to be one of the most haunted locations in Canada as well.

    I will include a few Youtube vids here for ya to have a look see. There's nice trails to walk through, You can walk through the borders that have fallen, you can also walk the mountain as well. Hope your able to come and visit Frank Tim. I'll include a few pic's as well.

    Thanks again.
    Your Fan.
    Justin Costea.

    Here is the link to the first vid. Just copy and paste into your browser, should take you there :).

    This one is a brief history on the town

    Here is a Drone shot vid of the area as well :)

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