The History of the Ouija Board

Discussion in 'Theories' started by crypt, Nov 25, 2007.

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    ok guys i was reading thru the TAPS data base and came across this so i thought it might make an interesting reading i would have just copy/pasted the info right here but i did`nt want to mess with the copywrites so`s heres the link to the page on the TAPS website
    http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-soci ... ouija.html
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    Very interesting reading, crypt, thanks for the link.

    I've seen some negative stuff happen to people in the past who used Ouija boards, along with hearing horror stories told by many of various negative things that happened to them, including one tale wherein nothing used on it would burn it up when a family tried to destroy it after a bizarre event supposedly happened.

    I don't know how much is psychosomatic, how much is from overactive imaginations, and how much may well be from negative entities or negative energy.

    But I have to admit that they do make me nervous. Because of that, I won't be using any in investigations that I do. First, because of the negative association that the Ouija carries, I wouldn't want to cause some potential client to feel more stress from fearing the use of the Ouija on top of the stress they may already be feeling from dealing with mysterious phenomenon. Second, I just wouldn't want to take the chance of adding to what might be a bad situation for those potential clients.

    That being said, I do NOT stand in judgement of anyone who DOES choose to use them, including our beloved Livescifi gang. I think it's a personal choice, one that may have good results for some while not so good for others. Only time and further investigation may hold that answer.

    Also, noticing that Jason was the one credited with writing that, I kind of wonder if maybe his mysterious event that he doesn't want to talk about might have something to do with a Ouija board? lol! We'll probably never know, but that's just my suspicion.
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    totally freaky and awesome story! Stuff like that will make you believe in the paranormal! lol!

    My best friend in high school told me of a Ouija board she and her siblings found in the attic of a home they lived in when she was a kid. They thought it was cool, and of course decided to have a seance and use it.

    For a while, nothing happened, then without warning, the planchette went zipping around the board, and then flew across the room, freaking them all out so bad they ran out of the room screaming.

    They finally went back in to get the board and throw it into the pile of trash in their backyard where their dad burned the trash, tried to set it on fire, and she swore it would not burn. They poured gas on it and kerosene, and it would just burn off, leaving the board itself intact.

    Finally their dad was told, and he got his axe, chopped it up, and at that point, it finally burned.

    Now, my girl friend was never one to lie to me, or make up any stories. In fact, she was one of the most practical, down to earth people I'd ever known. So I have no reason to doubt her story.

    Many years later, when I was deep into occult studies, someone contacted me about having some issues in their home with dark shadows and strange demonic sounding voices being seen and heard during the night. When I walked into their front door, the first thing I saw was a Ouija board laying on their coffee table.

    When I asked them what in the hell they were doing with that thing laying out there in the middle of their home, they said they had been trying to contact whatever was haunting their home! Oiy!!!! I explained to them that, in fact, the Ouija board itself was most likely the source of what was going on, and that by using it, they might well be keeping open a portal through which other dark entities could come, that they needed to get rid of it immediately and spiritually cleanse their home as often as it took to get rid of whatever was there.

    They honestly did not know of the negative history associated with the use of Ouija boards. Once I explained this to them, they took the thing to the dump, and did a thorough saging and cleansing of their home several times over the next few months. The problems finally subsided, and as far as I know, they weren't bothered again afterwards.

    This is why I shy away from it. Too much negativity associated with it. Could what happened have been in people's minds? Certainly. But I doubt it. It may be anecdotal evidence, but many times, that evidence is founded on truths we just haven't yet been able to document scientifically.

    Just my two cents worth...
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    Spirit communication is a dangerous thing and should be left to the professionals. Shamans who do use tools to communicate with spirit know the dangers that exist when doing so. They also know how to identify what it is they are communicating with.

    "With thought comes energy..." is part of a statement of fact that many shamans live by. This means that a person can produce energy by just focusing on a thought. For example, communicating with spirits. Also, the more minds that are focusing on it, the more energy produced.

    With all of this in mind, I will warn people that ouija boards can be a dangerous thing. In my practice, I have had more than a few clients that have had bad things happen to them as a result of using one of these "witches boards".

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