the enfield POLTERGEIST (UK)

Discussion in 'Video Clips' started by Anddos, May 13, 2008.

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    There was a very good documentary about this in England last year, called "interview with a poltergeist", which includes footage from the time and interviews with the children and investigators involved.

    Some of it is quite disturbing.

    I've tried looking for it on youtube, google video and veoh, but no luck.
    here is a blurb about it
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    The full documentary can be found here Although, you have to download the TV player and stuff, then search for "interview with a poltergeist". It's a really good documentary.
    It's a bit of an effort to do, but there are a lot of cool English programs on it. However, I have no idea if it will work in the U.S. I know I can't watch the Sci Fi channel here online, because I'm not in America. I guess try it and see.
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    Interesting clip.
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    The clip

    I never have truely believed it to be a polterguist, I think it was some one off camera by the light switch with pull strings.

    Lets look at the scene with the bowl. (Edit: The person probly drilled holes in both sides of the bowl, and tied them to form a Y above, thus allowing the bowl to lift upward almost level.)

    Notice how the frame lifts only to a certain degree? As if some one practiced how far they could pull it away from the wall without the frame falling?

    Also note the camera timing.

    Im just saying, the polterguist flick in my eyes would be simply way to easy to fake due to the proximity of everything.

    Infact im tempted to recreate this footage. All you need is a plant hanger (clear), some magicians thread (clear nylon thats very strong.), a bowl, and a picture which hangs via a old wire system versus a picture hook.

    Pull down on the bowl a bit to get the bowl to start wabbling around on the table, then quickly yank to cause the bowl to fly into the cieling, hittng the hook and breaking (Just as the bowl did). Meanwhile with your other hand, pull down at a 30 degree angle or so, to cause the picture to bounce back and fourth (Attach picture with eye loop in the center of the wire, and use a stury hanging wire that dosnt allow it to go slack.)

    Oh yeah and with your back, hit the push button style dimmer switch off and on repeatedly by simply leaning into it just enough to BARELY depress it, the circuit cant close fully and thus the light will flicker, and spontainously turn on and off.

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    Re: The clip

    This is all true, everything could have been faked. That small clip, however, doesn't tell the whole story. The girls WERE caught out sometimes, they did play tricks on the investigators, however, this went on for months, and there was a BIG media circus surrounding it. Many many people, including the press, were witness to some of the things that happened.
    Also, when the spirit "spoke" through the little girl, the information he provided all matched up, an old man DID die in the house, in the living room, in a chair. I think she even got the name correct. Bearing in mind this was a small girl and in those days there was no such thing as the internet, it would be very hard to collect this information. The little girl was also recorded making the voice of the spirit while her mouth was full of water and taped up.

    In the documentary, the girls were interviewed, now fully grown up, and it's quite clear they were somewhat disturbed.

    I'm not saying it wasn't all faked, but I think the amount of evidence (yes, some quite dubious) the amount of witnesses, the amount of information about it, and the fact that no one has been able to completely debunk it in the 20 years since it originally happened, lends some credence to it.

    To reiterate, this was a VERY big story in the UK. It wasn't just a couple of investigators there for a few days, it went on for almost a year, and the investigator was there for months, not to mention psychologists and journalists.
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    Re: The clip

    i may be mistaken but i think everyone here is getting a bit confused over just which clip the original post is about

    there is one clip showing a guy walking into his flat and the lights are flashing, the bowl goes off the table, picture bangs on the wall etc etc.......THAT one is the one i think wanderlust was referring to as having been easy to fake ~ and i personally don't buy that one as being real either

    on the other hand, there is the family/girls that had poltergeist activity for months/years......THAT is the one i think you are referring to chewlip....and that one i find quite interesting
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    When I clicked on the OP's link, it took me to a page with a list of videos, but from the title, I thought it was to do with the Enfield poltergeist.

    Dreamers_Legacy posted the correct links, which are taken from the documentary I was talking about.

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    *Embarrassed* Yeah I was refurring to the one with the lights flashing and what not. My apologies.

    Well least some one agrees with me bout the one I was refurring

    Far as the other videos, I havnt had a chance to watch them yet. But if there is alot of witnesses, that lends alot of credibility.

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