The Demon House Fake?

Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by tim_livescifi, Mar 22, 2018.

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    So I watched Zak Bagans new documentary, the Demon House and couldn't help but notice the similarities between the Welles House Investigation and the house in Gary which makes me think that the Demon House is more than likely a fake and that he used pieces of the things that actually happened at the Welles House on our livestream in 2013 to use in his so-called documentary.
    There are way too many similarities to go through however I will name a few..
    • The 10ft high demon on the staircase that appears in the beginning of the film - wasn't that what I described numerous times as having a dream when I arrived at the house. Even Kristen drew it and uploaded it to her instagram in 2014. @kmanningart
    • The number 6 carved in the daughters back - Well that happened at the welleshouse too[​IMG]
    • Here's the video -
    Theres more disturbing similarities but I'll let you find them.
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    YES!!! I completely agree with you Tim. Good thing you have all this documented with the time you were there...More solid proof. The more I think about it the more upset I get cause it just seems so similar to what you experience. You buy a house and He does hmmmmmm. When the mom started talking about the #6 getting scratched on her daughter the first thing I thought of was OMG this happened to Tim WTH!!! Just went back & looked at Kristin's drawing on instagram. Yes that was back in April 2014 of your dream of the demon at the top of the stairs. Hmmmmm didn't Zak also say he had "visions" of almost the exact thing? And What about the Constantino's? In the stream we all just watched, Dave makes a comment about "getting "mark" with them too"(Constantino's) Hmmmm they also did a remote session with Zak. Just the whole set up of everything. Zak getting frustrated with the cameraman...Tim was frustrated too. And Tim has it documented all this happened before Zak. And really why destroy the house Zak??? If its really that bad is that really gonna help?...NO! But makes it impossible for anyone else to investigate it. Hmmmmmm
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    ZaK Bagans is a fake..and it has been known for a long time. I met the guy at a paracon a while back and was nothing but a douche bag, he tried to hit on my sister..the guy is a major creep who wears makeup!
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    Just a discussion point here.
    Could we not say the similarities, are a good thing? As in, evidence gathered from multiple sites shows similarities and patterns of behaviour. Would this then not give greater proof the to existence of Demon and or evil spirits. Just like a scientist has to gather repeated data to prove something.
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    Don't shoot me for the above comment, I like to discuss and throw ideas around.
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