Teen snaps eerie ghost

Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by Delleena, May 28, 2008.

  1. Delleena

    Delleena Ghost

  2. chastam

    chastam Residual

    WOW Dell, thats pretty interesting, you can see the hand so clearly...
    Thanks for sharing! :)
  3. Sensitive1

    Sensitive1 Residual

    Looks like the ghost was coming down, the way the hand is positioned.
  4. Dreamers_Legacy

    Dreamers_Legacy Residual


    Very cool photo... I love it when that happens it like a little present!
  5. kimbers1963

    kimbers1963 Residual

    I agree, very cool picture. That hand and arm is so clear. Could it just be a double exposure though?
  6. Crymsyn

    Crymsyn Residual

    It's hard to do a double exposure on a digital cam BUT you Can catch a motion blur if your shutter speed is longer than normal. I also see something at the bottom of the stairway cant tell what it is but its also transparent. I'm on the fence on this one...
  7. spook

    spook Residual

    mm.. those fingers on the bannister are well defined. i'm not leaning toward any type of camera distortion due to that. the lights and such at the bottom of the stairway, i wonder if they have to do with the ongoing wedding. not sure what to make of this. the mist carries up the stairway quite a ways. mmm.. definitely is spooky looking no matter if it's fake or not! :shock:
  8. mace

    mace Residual


    cool post of a ghost lol
    and i was hoping to beable to save to pics so i could look at it better but i guess they got that end covered sneeky papers anyway..

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