TAPS Ghost Hunter's K2 meter debunked???

Discussion in 'Paranormal Equipment' started by spooked_1, Apr 30, 2008.

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    I dont have one of these but... Wow thats kinda crazy Im very interested tosee what others think also... Hummm
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    One of the major problems that I've have always had with it is it gives you no numerical value on what it reads, the casing is not shielded which makes it more suspectable to pick up readings from other sources. Other then the blinking lights if your a raver I don't see much use for it. All in all that is my unbiased review of it.
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    Im with Tim

    Exactly why I recommended the use of it along side a standard EMF detector, as Tim suggested, it does not validate its reading in any way with any real science that I can fathem, further more its not shielded and thus to easy to interupt, further more it does not keep the lights lit long enough for it to be of any great value. I have never seen a K2's lights stay lit up for more then a milisecond at most, making the reading of the meter impossable unless your looking RIGHT at it, it should have a fade out delay (Preferably atleast 2 seconds.) to allow the user more time to see whats going on with it.
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    This K2 thing i think is just a way to sucker people out of their money. As stated before it doesn't stay lit long enough for anyone to verify if it lit up unless they sit with their eyes glued to the lights. Boringgggg Is there a site where they show the schematics for this thing? Now it if made a beep or noise when it picked something up then maybe it would be ok.. But wait isn't that a EMF meter??
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    Not sure if I doubt how effective the k2 unit is, as others apparently have come to the conclusion. All electronic devices can give false positives, even the k2 unit. Granted, the K2 isn't as precise as other meters, it doesn't mean that every reading from a K2 is false.

    Personally, redundant systems are ideal.......coming from a skydiver who would only jump with a main and reserve parachute, redundancy is critical to survival. However, to dump on the k2, I feel, isn't right either.

    They have improved the unit with a standard toggle switch on/off, which is a huge improvement.

    I personally, have gotten interesting results from the k2 and have wittnessed interesting results with a k2 from other groups......

    To each their own,.......redundancy is critical to scientific results. Even while using a tri-field or a typical emf detector, redundancy is still
    important for a scientific results.

    Just my two cents....to each their own......
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    one word POS... :roll:
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    isn't that like 3 words and several exclamation points?

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    heres our most recent post regard the k2

  10. I'm not to crazy about the K2 or some EMF reader's so much power sources out there even under ground...

    Moving sources you can't be to sure of either cause of power surges and could it be faulty wireing and is it aluminum wireing or copper :? Just some things to think about...

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