Summoning the DEVIL (SATAN Caught on TAPE) - Playing LITTLE DEVIL

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by jentt, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. jentt

    jentt Ghost

    Tim great show last night. I was there saying Hi to everyone in chat but no one saw me. Not sure what was going on. all I know is I have this mask I just got & my mood the other night was not good & last night chat was not working for me. I even typed in "Spirit say Hi to Tim" because no one was seeing me in chat lol and then the board said " I can see you" Creepy :eek: probably nothing to do with me but the timing...Crazy
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  2. I remember that Night Jentt, Honestly, I didn't see you until later on. it took 3 mins to notice you in the Chat.

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