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Discussion in 'Ouija Board Experiences' started by Bri679, May 29, 2018.

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    So I've found out a lot about the ghost who's in my house. (and literally right now my phone is typing every word twice and I have to backspace) no name though,and he's from Rome 1700s. Anyway, during my first ever ouija board use which was tonight, we got a couple responses that are... Odd.
    (also for somesome strange reason this is how my phonephone is typing right now. It's actually improvedimproved from a minute ago where it was every wordword that was repeating.. We've had other phenomenaphenomena in the house lately lately too with electronicselectronics. Nothing threatening though, just weird)
    At first we got only gibberish. Letters and numbers mixed up, not real words, etc. But then we closed our eyes and opened ourselves a little more, then we got real words. I'll give the exact dialog, with my speech in quotes.

    (skipped gibberish)
    "Are we talking to the man from Rome that we talked to before?"
    "Is there anything in particular you want to tell us?"
    "Who is a bad girl?"
    (note: I am a 29 year old female, my ouija partner is male)
    "Why do you say that I am a bad girl?"
    (I told him a couple of nights ago that I was mad at him. Long story.)
    YES... HELP
    "do you mean you need help?"
    " do you mean that you will help me?"
    " how will you help me?"

    Ummmmmm. What just happened? Why did he call me bad? Lol. It's not the first time he's expressed irritation, but outright saying bad girl is a little concerning. I have not felt threatened at all, but should I be worried?
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    creepy have you tried doing evp yet? It would be interesting to see what you get..
  3. Bri679

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    Only a little bit, but we did catch 2 words. I'll have to go back and listen to it again.
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    Hey bri do you still have the audio recordings? would love to take a listen to them!
  5. Bri679

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    I do! How can I send it?

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