Spirit Guide/Guardian Angels?

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by Chelle1310, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Chelle1310

    Chelle1310 Guest

    Hi, just wondered what people think? Do we all have a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel? I'd like to think so, but am not convinced yet.
    Sorry if this is a bit random, but I'm genuinely interested to hear people's views..:)
  2. Hi, some spirit guides or angels are automatically assigned to u from birth, even if u r not born yet, still in the mother's womb, as u grow older, spirit guides and angels that guide u can change, as how u do ur life path, or ur spiritual belief, u can call on urself new spirit guides or angels if u wish that, don't forget they got free will too, they also guide other people next to u. Some stay with u no matter what, if the assignment is done, they move to another assignment.
  3. Emily Nicholson

    Emily Nicholson Residual

    I've heard that everyone has a guardian angel with them in life that Never leaves their side.However Spirit guides are nothing more than demons.like "familiar spirits" also.Dont be deceived.
  4. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Not to scare you but I think that when people think they are talking to a guardian angel it most likely is a demon!
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  5. ✳Debstar66✳

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    Or Alien
  6. Emily Nicholson

    Emily Nicholson Residual

    Aliens are simply demons disguised as that to deceive people
  7. TiffC505

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    i believe in guardian angels because when my son was little there was a spot in the corner of the house he always looked up to and laughed hysterically his gramma before she passed always said it's his angels! he ended up getting very sick two weeks after he turned one and we were airlifted to arizona for emergency brain surgery..my son suffers from a genetic disease from his dads side called ccm's (cerebral cavernous malformations) in arizona most of his nurses and social workers had names of people in our family which was very strange but they took great care of my son and i believe it was his angels looking out for him..he's had 3 brain stem surgeries and is now six..he has come a long way and i feel like he has many guardian angels with him..his name is noah :) just a personal experience

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