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  1. Margot

    Margot Residual

    Shadow figure in the doorway, that's what I see?
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  2. Yep and there's also a dark area at the top of the stairs.
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  3. Margot

    Margot Residual

    Did you work out how to screen shot? If you have a windows computer use the Snipping Tool.
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  4. I do now Margot, a weird way.
  5. Sallie House (2017) Skrying Ritual, A Face Has Appeared in the Mirror. 31037657_1053061178151804_2684907043118120960_o.jpg
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  6. Monroe House (2017) A very faint outline of a face . what do you think?. 31416930_1057728244351764_3042216938819289088_o.jpg
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  7. Is There A Faint Shape Of A Face ? 31369742_1059400060851249_3433415638314385408_o.jpg
  8. Cemetery Stroll - City Of The Dead I captured a horrible face behind a Head stone, also I got a bright Brown Glow to the right of the Pic. 31945036_1064294330361822_5017080018627461120_o.jpg
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  9. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    OMG :eek: I totally can see those. That one behind the head stone is scary looking. Great catch!!!
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  11. Zozo Ouija Demon Tape 1 , Demon Caught On Camera, |Livescifi. 32105625_1068805299910725_5034482646290268160_o.jpg

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