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  1. Kellee

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    I have had a couple of people ask about the pictures and not being able to post on the forums. So ill answer it here for future.
    Pictures need to be JPEG and not PNG because the file type is too large, i think it has to be under 1mb.

    To screen cap: or save to JPEG..
    You should have a "Print screen" button on your keyboard, press that, then open up paint, and paste the picture, crop and edit if needed, then go to FILE, SAVE AS then name the picture, then underneath the name, where it says the file type (png, jpeg etc) change to JPEG click SAVE.

    You should now be able to post the picture to the forums.
    Let us know if anyone has trouble.

    Also, you can't post GIFs.

    Kellee. X
  2. Valak

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    Thank you!!
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  3. Sue22

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    Hi, that's good to know. My first day active here It's all new to me!
    I still haven't done a screen capture yet! Still need to work that out on this tablet!
    I have some photos i could share too.
    The chat is alot more civilised than utube! S ♏
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  4. Alfred

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    Yeah, there's alot of trolls in the YouTube chat. Lol
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