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    Ever since I was very young, I’ve always had an interest for the paranormal. Never had any profound experiences until just a few years ago when I was 15.
    My friend and I were both in the violent midst of mental illness (which is what I think was the real cause of this incident)
    We had both started experimenting with devil worship and tried communicating with evil entities without any response. (I’d even tried to make an ouija board out of my own blood *facepalm*)

    My friend and I were standing in my dining room playing with matches. I remember saying something about demons or how entities were drawn to/from matches?? About a minute after having said this, I got really disoriented and dizzy (I used to have bad PTSD and the closest thing to the feeling was like dissociation and the feeling you get get when you know you’re about to vomit) Time seemed to slow down and my friend blew out his match. Darkness came over the room and as we watched the smoke rise up to the ceiling... small dark whisps floated down from it!!! My friend thought they were spiders but... they didn’t have any shape to them. There weren’t just a few of them... there were THOUSANDS. We looked at each other in confusion and fear, our attention turned to my front porch as an enormous black mass swiftly moved past the windows. I still had that weird feeling as we ran out of the back door in terror. The feeling immediately went away after we left the house. I asked him what he saw before telling him my side of the story and he described the same exact thing. He didn’t tell me what he was feeling.

    I’d love feedback on what you all think my experience was. Do you think it was the result of troubled minds OR the paranormal?

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