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Discussion in 'show discussions' started by tim_livescifi, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. tim_livescifi

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    Did any viewers experience any paranormal experiences while watching the live broadcasts last week? In the past viewers have reported paranormal things happening in their homes during the broadcasts.

    Also what was your favorite part of the broadcast?
  2. TwiztidJade420

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    I have lillth came to me in my sleep
  3. TwiztidJade420

    TwiztidJade420 Residual

    One man hide and seek
  4. I am certain I have a portal in my bedroom door frame, so i put a teddy on top of my door to disrupt the energy, sure enough, i disturbed someone...

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  5. The Bright Orbs I've Captured , and also that huge one in the living room Tim.
  6. erika

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    anger and agression is my experience during latest streams
    favorite part is when you investigated alone
  7. erika

    erika Poltergeist

    and Patrick, always happy to see Patrick
  8. So i did the experiement of the mirror and candles at midnight ritual. After looking into mirror for a few minutes, i felt like the candles went low almost to a blue colour then saw my body moving
    around slightly, my face changed a
    little but quickly snapped out of the trance, as soon as i came too, i felt chills leaving me. Took snaps but didnt
    come out the clearest, but captured a shadow behind me and the weirdest thing is me wearing glasses! I don't own any..WTF! You can actually see the black eyes of this thing looking down on me. What's your thought? IMG_20170813_144317.jpg
  10. Tabbykhat

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    I don't know the full story of that house and this is the first stream of yours I have ever watched. However you all seemed to think there was demon of some kind, I have felt things in the past, seen ppl from the past near me, smelt ppl that have passed on, so I am a firm believer in there is something there But I didn't like all the aggression and the way you kept calling them demons, maybe i need to feel the house itself, but I did keep getting some jumbled up thoughts about a dog and the upstairs closet which is connected in some way, was there a dog that had been abused? The pictures I took you have seen as I posted them on the other thread and you replied to me on fb. I will say there was more to sense there when you weren't doing anything. While you were in the kitchen on the last day the orbs in the living room were going crazy but then you came in and they stopped. Like I said my first view, I would like to see you tone down on the language, most spirits from days gone by would not recognize the words you use and would just be insulted, if you felt aggression maybe it was just mirrored from your own
  11. I believe Tim was roasting those spirits to get a reaction for evidence. As for his swearing, most of his EVP clearly states alot of swearing, threats directly from the entity so what Tim does and says is all for a purpose. To capture evidence is his passion. As you said, this was your 1st stream you have ever watched, Tim has been doing this for over 10yrs, and every stream he does, it gets more and more intense, but that's what he loves and that is what we want. ✌
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  12. Tabbykhat

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    :) Thanks for warning me thats what they all like, I prob won't bother then, I don't really think disrespecting spirits just to get a reaction is a good thing. When I watched there was much more reaction when Tim was in another room or even out of the house. Spirits do have ways of making themselves heard they don't have to always have such a reaction, but I guess it wouldn't make such good tv drama to have it any other way.

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