Sallie House Night One Paranormal Evidence

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by tim_livescifi, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. erika

    erika Poltergeist

    About the writings on the doors, the one M+B reminded me 3 kinds, when people used to write C+M+B , Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar
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  2. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    Could this be Lilith appearing in the mirror?
    2018-04-15 (2).png
    2018-04-15 (3)_LI.jpg
    Side by side of the statue of Lilith and the face forming in the mirror
  3. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Thank you for posting this!! This is exactly what I saw in the mirror as I was doing it during the broadcast!

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  4. Roo

    Roo Residual

    Nice catch! So awesome!
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  5. Kellee

    Kellee Poltergeist

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  6. Carisa

    Carisa Poltergeist

    I have some pictures I need to upload!
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  7. Carisa

    Carisa Poltergeist

    The face in the mirror

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  8. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    Anytime :) I'm glad you can see this too. It's not the clearest but I can see a face forming & to me it looks female
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  9. Kristin

    Kristin Poltergeist

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  10. Definitely Kristin, No Doubt.
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  12. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    7D34943D-8362-4630-8561-7E2E9E3535B0.jpeg I know this is really late but remember when @livescifi was @ the Sallie House.I just saw a post from the catholic school I attended. It’s to celebrate the epiphany & ask for Gods blessing. Guess that’s why so much happened when Tim washed the blessing off
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  13. Interesting Jentt, almost the same symbol at the Sallie House...Great Find !!
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  14. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    Thanks David :)
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  15. You're Welcome Jentt..:)
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