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Discussion in 'ask, the team???' started by Waterfall, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Waterfall

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    I was watching daily and then on the last night I fell asleep after the ritual with the mirror. I saw how everyone was upset and then while everyone had a breath of fresh air. I fell
    How did that turn out? I was looking for it in the uploads but couldn't find it.
    You are all very brave for staying there that long... I know how these things can get in your brain. I used to do the work as a psychic medium and channel... but on the last infested farm we went to, to help the owner.. I started projectile (and I mean projectile) vomiting off of the front porch. I don't know where it all came from. Omg as long as I took one step off of the property line I was okay. I haven't done the work since... :/

    Anyway love the show!!! and if someone knows about my question that would be great
    Nancy Waterfall

    lol that is Jan 2017
  2. Victor Krone

    Victor Krone Residual

    does anyone know the update on the locket that kerrian and Tim found in the basement, where they found the railroad spike, i was just curious
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  3. tim_livescifi

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    I don't believe that the locket is significant, after closer inspection it appeared to be too new to be from the Finney era. It was mostly likely dropped or placed there by another group as a trigger object during another paranormal investigation. The rail road spike has always been there, its quite common for houses that were built around that time to have things like that in the foundation. As materials were mostly likely pulled and gathered to build the homes around US railroad cities.
  4. Victor Krone

    Victor Krone Residual

    thank you so much Tim for the update, that is pretty cool that they use parts of a rail road and other materials to built the house and other homes
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  5. tim_livescifi

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