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    I don't know how many know this or not. And I don't know after watching the investigation last night if they really know or not or did that just to keep it lit. So for my own peace of mine here and because I am Native American I thought I would share this.
    Sage is used for many different reasons. But for all those reasons if you use it as a smuge as in a bowl you light it and blow out the flame. It is the smoke you want not the fire. Good spirits not just Native Americans will come to the smoke. The smoke is also used to rid a house of evil or bad energy in a place. To do that the right way say in a house that has a bad spirit you start by smugeing yourself first then offer the smoke to the east, south, west, north, above, and below. Then you go to the back of the house or where ever you are. Stand in the middle of that room and start fanning the sage in a clock wise circle while walking around. You will keep walking as your circle grows bigger till you have reached the outer walls. When you finish that room you go to the next room. You can go straight down halls ways and don't forget closets. An When you have gotten every room have someone open a door or you can and what ever was in there will leave. You need to say some kind of prayer the whole time you do this. Remember this is ONLY to rid a spirt that is bad. Say if you get a call form someone that wants it out of their house.
    Mixing cigatette tobacco with sage is not going to help either. They do make bundles mixed with other things for different reasons that mean different things. You can make a tobacco offering by leaving it somewhere where you think they may be buried. But buy it in a bag. You can lay it out on the ground around an area. It does not have to be expensive. Tobacco was giving in respect to the elders of the tribe manly to the chief or their Shaman or medicine man.
    If you are sick with sinus problems you can lit a leave or two of sage. Or if you have just had a stress full day. It is kinda like lisol gets rid of germs.
    Ya'll may know all of this already. But I have used it for 25 years and known people who have used it much longer and taught me so I just thought I would share how I use it and say that it does work well. And it is a good way to protect yourself as well.

    I still am un-able to reply for some
    reason I think.[/i][/b]
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    thanks for the information Terri!
    we were talking about "sage" and how to use it, what it's effects where etc etc in chat lastnight. several say they use it in different ways. stmac mentioned his grandfather using it, and that he is of native background. he described it a bit differently, but similar as well.

    LeeAnn was asking where everyone gets their Sage. here, in Vancouver BC, there are several places, but one place i tend to see it is in a dragon store that also sells Wicca witch supplies, books etc.

    thanks again!

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    thank you for the tip. will definately remember it. :D
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    Where I get sage

    Osiyo, (Hellow)

    I get my sage most times at the powwows I dance in but you can find it on line as well. I like the Califorina White sage the best. The Dakota sage does not have the sweet smell that the other has. I would not burn Dakota outside for fear the cops will think you are buning something much different! ... 31-000-000

    Above is only one site that has it. I have found it in larger bundles and different prices in other places you just have to search.
    If this reply works I will be surprised :roll: .

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    Terri, thank you so much for the info on the sage. The night at the barn that I was using it was to attract the native american man that I had been in contact with on previous times at the barn. I wasn't trying to do anything other then that.
    The information on using the sage as a tool to rid dark spirits from a place is of great help to me. I knew about doing this, I just didn't know about going in a clock wise way around the room from the middle out...any other info you would like to share with me would be of great use...Hugs Donna
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    more info

    Unless you have a pipe as I do this idea would not help you LOL. When ever I know I am around a place where Native Americans have been I walk very carefully and in respeck. I guess because I understand what they went though and I feel that pain. The sage is a good idea. Putting tobacco in a certain location on the ground from a bag is OK. I however can take it several steps further that I am sure you can not, which is OK. What you did was fine. I have a hand made Indian clay pipe given to me by a Shaman that I can put tabacco in (Not store bought tobacco). It is called mullen. And you blow the smoke out to the different directions. The smoke is not for you but for the spirits and spirit guides. This is also the start to any Indian ceremony also. So in retro speck we do this in respeck to thoughs who have past on as well. That is why the smoke is not inhaled. Before you ask.....Mullen is not a hallucinogenic. But if you do know someone who has a store bought pipe I guess you could use that IF you wanted to try the same thing. I also have a drum and rattles. But all these things or not necessary for what you are doing . Now I found my self once at a place where it was necessary and had to do all of this and in full regaila. But that was under extrem circumstances. And as far as you trying to talk to them in their own language ............ please remember that they are not said the way they are spelled LOL. Just like the word Osiyo means hellow in Cherokee. How would you say that one? You would say O (LONG 0) (SAY) (YO) The yo sounds like the toy yoyo. But the thing hightest on the list for all Native Amercians is respect.

    OK leason over lol Hope that helps in some way.

    Don't mean to preach or ware my
    welcome out just to Educate. But I
    am honored to help in anyway that
    I can.
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    I do want to post a warnning for anyone who may not know this. There is an herb called sweetgrass that comes in a brade. Some may know about this. And you burn it like you do sage. BUT...........NEVER burn this by its self. This alone draws all spirits good and bad to the smoke. This is never a good idea. can put the sage in a bowl and start it smokeing then add the sweetgrass to it but never the other way around.
    To keep sage buning without it going out they have these little charcoal disk things that are small and round that come in a pack. You lite one and put in a clay or ceramic dish. Make sure you have sand or litter at the bottom because these things get extreamly hot. Once they are lit they will keep you sage burning for a long time.
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    My shaman mentor uses it he says its better than holy water cause holy water is like for example taking a stick and trying to beat a bear with it. Only aggravates it. Sage neutralizes negative energy, and in some cases breaks it apart and pieces to let the ground consume it.
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    Ive used sage and smudged every home I've lived in since I became an adult. I do it clockwise from the front door making sure to smudge all doorways and possible portals like attic openings.
    Then back at the front door I use a broom and sweep the stoop or steps very clean then stand the broom behind the doorway. That broom isn't used for anything but this and it usually is a small broom I hang behind the door. Ive never had any ghosts or problems in my home so I must have done something right.
    I got the sage lore and instruction from an friend who was a witch and the broom part I got from my European great grandmother. It was in some family papers, A letter she wrote to a daughter that immigrated to the usa. ( I think my fathers mother) I don't know her history but my broom is always there. When I move its the last thing removed from a home and the first thing to go into a new home. She said this broom will keep the evil out and is never used for anything else but to keep the home safe. It's worked so far no evil has harmed us. In the home...
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    I was taught the same thing. From a great grandmother that was a genuine Arkansas hillbilly.

    She said it is the first thing you do when moving into a new home and the last thing you remove from the home. (actually she said cabin)

    There is a lot to be said for the old .....for lack of a better word....superstitions. They have a lot of merit and I find that most of them work.
  11. krzymoose

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    I've had my house saged twice now....didnt seem to do any good whatsoever......wonder why
  12. Gothickangel

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    probally not hiding in the house then...have u gotten ur grounds dun then went inside and do it?
  13. Crymsyn

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    WOW so maybe its a tradition handed down for a long time. I have no proof it works but since nothing has happened Ill keep up with the tradition.
  14. krzymoose

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    Yes last time it was saged here, a friend of mine who owns a metaphysical store in Atlanta flew in to do it personally. She did the grounds then inside. Things seem better from her standpoint and feelings, but the minute she left it all started up again.
  15. master_T

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    I personally think that sage is only to offers temporary clearing of spaces and negative energies. I have heard other people say otherwise but from my experience this what I have seen it done.
    I sometimes sage myself after investigations so that whatever I am investigating will stay at the place not become attached to me and follow me home.
  16. Terri

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    Spirits will come to the smell of sage. Only the bad spirits will leave or negtive energy. So if it didn't work maybe its because they are not bad only seeking answers.
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    im glad you mentioned the sweetgrass cause i was at cree gatherings and they had the smelly maryjane smelling stuff and i was under the impression it was sweetgrass lol it was probally the sage but we stood in line the elder would hold the braid of herb and we would smudge with the smoke while thinking positive prayers/thoughts ..thanx for the topic and insights
  18. Terri

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    Sweetgrass is braded. But the sage that I was talking about that does not smell as good to me is called Dakota sage.
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    I think anything we can use to make someone feel safer is worth trying, but definately the lines between cultures have mixed when it comes to smudging.

    We use sweetgrass to join the spirit world to the natural world, we smudge for purification of the path between. Not to clear a room of evil. More like helping those "stuck between" who cannot find their way, to find their way.

    Braided sweetgrass is easier to hold and makes longer wisps. My mom and grandmother used to seep it into a tea to promote health and reduce menstrual cramping :shock:
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    Very interesting thread. I have learned a lot from reading this and intend to try it at my house. Thank you!!!

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