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  2. L.Gaunder

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    No sure why not..does that mean the titanic isn't haunted then?
  3. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    I dunno. Seems like old wives tales to me. If they can go through a wall, what's a little water going to do?
  4. mace

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    thats a different one ...maybe cat spirits are scared of water
  5. master_T

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    didn't egon say, "don't cross the streams" lol
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  6. master_T

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    i think the theory is talking about not always using CAPS. :roll:
  7. GloomySiren

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    ooooh! I Love this one! Old wives tale my sister whole hearted-ly believes. But I wonder if there is more to it?

    Water increased Positive ions and maybe if spirits are energy, they are somehow dispursed over water? But there is alot of junk chemistry that confuses this. I think because of this old addage that we see ion generators out there that are supposed to attact spirits?

    Or it could be simply a wives tale that when deciphered means water is clean, and spirits that follow are unclean, water washes away the unclean?
  8. bkiff

    bkiff Residual

    Hmmmm. Now holy water is a different story completely.
  9. oddnumber

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    That made me LMAO.

    I don't think it is true. What makes running water different from other water sources. The form/shape and amount of energy within the running water is different from water in the air (water vapor), standing water, and ice. Can it be these difference that determine how spirits react towards them.

    This question kinda reminds me of my own questions about salt and sage repelling/creating barriers for spirits.

    BTW, not to offend anyone (sorry Bkiff), but I still think holy water is just ordinary water. Water that has been blessed by a priest, who is a religious idol.
  10. Devils_Darkness

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    That makes me want to ask... If holy water does have an effect on spirits would it still have that same effect if used by someone with a different religion or no religion at all? Say a person that for some reason believes in spirits, is being haunted, and is an atheist? Or follows a different religion like say satanism (is that a religion or a cult?), Paganism or some other form of religion? Or is holy water holy water no matter where you faith lies?
  11. oddnumber

    oddnumber Residual

    Your question assumes that holy water actually has special properties. I believe that holy water is just a name given to water that has been blessed by a priest (or any other religious figures). Most people who believe in the holy water would say that it would work and others would say that it doesn't. I think the way holy water works is just a matter of perspective. Just like how a placebo can work for some people, but in actuality... placebos carry no medicinal value. For the sake of an example, satanists can obtain their own water and bless it to become hellfire water (made this one up) and it might be expected to have the same properties as holy water, or it can be used in a ritual for Satan.

    So in answering the last sentence, holy water will not always be holy water depending on where your faith lies...

    Besides, it would be foolish for atheists to believe in anything holy, especially holy water, since they don't believe in the existence of gods.
  12. Regan

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    I would have to disagree; as water is a natural conductor. Many great evps have been captured near streams, rivers, etc. The natural white noise creates a great conductor.

    I haven't heard anything but wives tales in regards to spirits can't cross.
  13. oddnumber

    oddnumber Residual

    If you are referring to the Electrical Conductance of water, then I have to disagree with water being a natural conductor. But if you are referring to the water's ability to transfer soil and mineral then I agree.

    Water itself is not a good conductor of electricity. The water's contamination with impurities (dirt, minerals, salt) causes it to be able to conduct.

    I am guessing, the white noise/EVP can be caused by the water running and making its surface unstable, along with the ever changing composition of the water and it's impurities.
  14. SASWS_Paranormal

    SASWS_Paranormal Residual

    It would depend on the entity, there are haunted bodies of water, as well as supernatural beings that come from fog banks and so forth that pass over bodies of water, such as the Lxuinae from my tribal myths.
  15. GloomySiren

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    SASWS- water panther?
  16. SASWS_Paranormal

    SASWS_Paranormal Residual

    The Lxuinae are the Shadowland people of Chinook Indian mythology. A very dangerous lot.
  17. GloomySiren

    GloomySiren Residual

    Your avatar? Looks like mishibizhiw , under water panther.
  18. SASWS_Paranormal

    SASWS_Paranormal Residual

    It northwest coast Indian art of a cougar.
  19. GloomySiren

    GloomySiren Residual

    Looks very similar to Mishibizhiw, a water being panther-ish, I guess I'd say Northeast aboriginal.

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