Rolling Hills / The Shanley / Shannons Apartment !

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    First off we at want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween. In appreciation to all of our viewers we are proud to announce a very special Halloween show line up! Our line up will consist of bringing you to some of the most reported haunted places in the US! Every viewer will be investigating with Tim Wood from, Shannon Sylvia (Ghost Hunters International), Michael McDonald (KMPS), and Jeff Sylvia.

    This Weeks LIVE Broadcasts!

    Thursday 10/30/2008 9pm est / 6pm pst - LIVE Investigation of Shannon Sylvia's Condo (as featured in Paranormal State)

    Friday 10/31/2008 9pm est / 6pm pst - LIVE Custome Party and Ghost Hunt of the Shanley Hotel in NY.

    Saturday 11/1/2008 9pm est / 6pm pst - 8 Hour LIVE Ghost Hunt from the Shanley Hotel in NY.

    Sunday 11/2/2008 9pm est / 6 pm pst - 10 Hour LIVE Ghost from Rolling Hills Asylum in NY.

    This a FREE, LIVE, and Interactive paranormal investigation web cast. This broadcast is completely FREE, and gives you the luxury of participating in a real investigation. It will also allow you to watch how our investigators endure through the course of the night.

    - Our chat which allows you to interact with the team and participate with otherviewers as investigators. We also allow LIVE callin's so that you can preform your own evp sessions from home.

    - The team will be streaming live head cams, a variety of multi cam/DVR views, thermal cameras, and environmental measuring data equipment on
    the site!

    -This is a free site, which means you don't have to pay anything to watch and interact with the cast members!

    When : Thursday 10/30 - 11/2
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    I'm so excited about the next four days. It's like X-Mas for me this time of year. Livescifi has done it again with amazing locations to visit and awesome people share in the fun. Good luck Tim and the rest of the team. Be safe and happy hunting!!!
    [​IMG]Happy Halloween Everyone. Let the party began!!!
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    Holey crap monkeys Tim...could ya fit anything else in? And when do you schedule sleep time? Sheesh
  4. :? How do I get to the investigations

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