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Do you use phone apps in addition to actual paranormal investigative equipment?

  1. Yes I use both.

  2. I use only actual equipment.

  3. I use only phone apps.

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  1. Anna Haim

    Anna Haim Residual

    Here are a few apps I have and use with their download links. Feel free to reply and list yours.

    PAIRS Spirit Box - A good SB7 emulator. FREE

    Divination Box - Another good SB7 emulator. FREE

    Ghost Radar Legacy - Ovilus emulator. $1.99 (GR Classic available for FREE)

    LJM XTREME - Another SB7 emulator. FREE

    TAPS App - Multifunction app with digital recorder, geo phone and emf meter included. Case file logging. Was $4.99 on Google Play but is no longer available or supported by the creator. Can be found for free by doing a google search for "TAPS app".

    SP EMF Meter - Functional K2 EMF meter emulator. FREE

    I use these apps in addition to my actual equipment.
  2. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    I have had nothing but bad experiences with these apps ( not paranormal ) unfortuanately all of them are fake.
  3. Anna Haim

    Anna Haim Residual

    The EMF meter app I know is legit. I compared it with my actual K2. The taps app is good for the geophone and evp function but the emf meter on it doesn't work on my phone. (Samsung Galaxy S7) Results may vary based on the phone you have. As for the others, you would be the person who knows about them and I'd say you are right about them being the f
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  4. I have zero experience with paranormal equipment, I wouldn't even know what all exist to investigate, don't know anything about it. There is a site I know that gives paranormal investigation courses, they are not so expensive, plan to follow one next year, as beginner student, it goes in phases, cos, in past people have asked me, to do house blessings, house cleansing, investigating if there are haunted objects in their home, spirits, also house exorcism if needed, or make a decorative object like a doll to protect their home, like a guardian object, therefor I been looking for a site that gives these kind of courses, till now I found this site,, they are online courses, you get homework, first time I will work with them, I love to do this for people cos they trust me with it, I plan to make a spiritual curriculum vitae for people to hire me as a Freelance worker or for any other things they like me to do. They can see what I can do, that is why I am certifying me for most things. Cos sometimes not being certified is an issue with most people. When it comes to this subject I still have a lot to learn.
  5. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    The only app that I can recommend that is not on this list, is an app called mag cam by digital dowsing. The app basically takes a picture on your phone whenever it detects a emf anomaly. Its great to use when your sleeping at a haunted location, just make sure you plug in your phone.
  6. TehSalade

    TehSalade Residual

    If you have Amazon Underground Ghost Radar Legacy is free, I tend to use it when I use my "Word Shout" Dice, And I had a decent session once with a Spirit. However I wouldn't exactly just use it, and it alone. However I did go with family to the doctors office with someone and turned it on, the person I was with "turn that off or I'll kick you", and the app said "Do it" and they gave me a light kick. Then it said "Thank you." So I think it's a hit or miss, not entirely something to trust 100% of the time.
  7. Heather

    Heather Residual

    Does livescifitv have a app?
  8. TehSalade

    TehSalade Residual

    I got an Iphone recently so I bought the IOvilus app seeing how some investigators were able to get decent results for it in the past. However, It keeps repeating the same words as opposed to Ghost Radar Legacy for the past month. Words being Hundred, Wheat, Threat, Telepathy, Agent, Fear, Come, Cannot, Shoes, Bacon, Kit, Remove, Object. Sometimes there are some Variance, sometimes repeating the same words. I remember before one of Tim's Ouija sessions everyone in the chat got Bacon on their app. And that Tim's recent session with the 666 phone number, came up with Hundred, Wheat, Cannot, Fear. I also have a hard time using it with my Spirit Dice as well. However with Ghost Radar, It fits with my spirit dice more, and far from repeats the same words.

    Not sure what it means, if the app needs an update, or if it's an actual sign to look into.

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