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  1. killerclown1979

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    Hey Tim I have a question because I just moved back to KY not that long ago. I'm looking for a job one of the thing's I wanted to do when I start working is send money to you and your team to help out because I really love what you do. I would love to help you and the team get more equipment or help you travel to do more investigations. I know there's alot of none believers out there but I'm not one. I think it's awesome what you do I admire you, you are brave and your chasing what's been chasing you since you were a child. you've came a long way as far as to having your own live stream on YouTube and I want you to keep doing what you love to do. I hope one day you have your own TV show If "Ghost Adventure" can do it and "TAPS" can why can't you? I'm sure you can too. I must say they haven't got nearly as much evidence of the paranormal as you have at least not in my eyes plus the EVP'S you have captured I don't think there brave enough to do what you do. Anyways... I was wondering where on your page would I go if I wanted to donate some $$$???
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  2. tim_livescifi

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    ahh that is soo sweet!! thank you!! we do have a paypal acct and any donations are glady accepted ! At the end of the day having a tv show is really not the top of the mountain for me..I really just want to keep investigating the unknown and be able to share my experiences with all of you..
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  3. Alfred

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    Very humbling words Mr. Tim
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  4. Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you even though you are the only person around
  5. killerclown1979

    killerclown1979 Poltergeist

    I'll be honest I've always felt like something's been following/watching me since I was young.
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  6. Does it feel like a demonic presence
  7. What kind of something
  8. killerclown1979

    killerclown1979 Poltergeist

    It does feel demonic yea but I've gotten so used feeling like it's around I feel like it's just another limb on my body if that makes any sense sometimes I get creeped out but I've learned to accept it I guess or cope with it.
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  9. killerclown1979

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    It's sinister I think it's a shape shifter I've seen it in a few forms it likes to sometimes remind me of it's presence like when I'm in the basement doing laundry I feel like it's breathing over my sholder I actually had the light's flicker a couple days ago I changed the light bulb and it did it agin I can't say I'm totally not afraid of it because that would be a lie I sometimes still get creeped out when I feel it's around.
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  10. killerclown1979

    killerclown1979 Poltergeist

    I've also heard it in my son's room I didn't tell my son because I didn't want to scare him but he turned and looked at me and was like mom did you hear that? I was like I dunno what did you hear? he said it sounded "demonic" I said "yes" I heard it too. I got sooo... pissed I "screamed" at the top of me lungs I said leave you are not welcome here I'm not afraid of you get the "fuck" out you are not gonna scare us we are sleeping up here tonight and we did I never heard it after that. I was afrade it was gonna try messing with my son but I now know my son is a sensitive to hearing entities and spirit's like I am.
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  11. I hear a lot of demonic presence
  12. Somebody please answer me
  13. Hay huff how do u get rid of a demonic presence

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