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Discussion in 'Ouija Board Experiences' started by mememills, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Ok years ago me & friends would play with the Ouija board. Almost every time when we would ask who we were speaking with it would go to the letter O then go to the letter B then go to the top of board & move over the word Ouija. Even tried a diff board & we would get the same thing. Some times it would spell out N-A-N-C-Y-O-B-A. To me that said Nancy obey so I packed up the board & never messed with it again. So I was wondering if it was a demon we were speaking with?
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    I am not sure who are speaking to, as this is the first time that I personally have ever heard of these responses. How did the session feel? Always trust your instincts. :)
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