Proving Demons is a Fake..

Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by Valak, May 31, 2018.

  1. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    I have been watching paranormal videos on YouTube for quite sometime and find it funny when other paranormal channels try to copy, and troll other YouTube channels trying to get views. After watching several of the videos it is quite apparent that the Proving Demons YouTube channel, is only trying to get views - and does nothing but copy other paranormal channels who are actually creating real content. If he is doing so, it clearly must mean that he is faking evidence...What is even funnier is that he sadly trolls other YouTube channels claiming they are fake...what bullocks! Every day the guys is claiming to get raped by a succubus, talking to demons, talking to zozo, buying haunted houses, having real haunted dolls - apparently this guy is the most haunted guy on the planet!! Whats even funnier is that apparently the guy idolizes omargosh because as soon as he made a dybbuk box video he did as well...What synchronicity I tell you! Proving demons is nothing but a fake youtube channel, faking paranormal evidence and a fraud to the paranormal community...should of known!
  2. jentt

    jentt Moderator

    I agree. I’ve only watched a few of their videos & to me they look like a joke. It’s so obvious their doing what they do for views, likes & subs. Come up with your own content dude ugh!!!
    I mod livescifi’s chat and notice every stream someone comments about how good proving demons is YUCK!!! and Trolls the chat saying Tim is fake... what a piece of $@*#
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  3. proving demons

    proving demons Residual

    oh you seem so confident, lmao though very wrong and ignorant. if you think I'm fake so bad then prove it hehehehe you cant. even the youtubers who hate my guts that ive worked with, still while talking shit, have had to admit ive never faked a thing. p.s. funny youre on a livescifi forum talking about fakes when hes flat out been caught multiple times using wires to make objects move, my poltergeist activity was all real, too bad some cant say the same lolololol
  4. proving demons

    proving demons Residual

    now go ahead, delete my account, ban me. cant stand a little truth huh. whatever, I really don't care lol fucking hilarious really.
  5. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    Hey there
    I find it kind weird that you spend your time trolling other sites, and yet you can’t even respond to any of the points that I brought up and fire back with childish comments. Every week you make a video of how you captured a black eyed kid on tape, or your being raped by ghost, - you make comments about how other chan’s steal your titles - news flash buddy no one wants to be you, you are a want to be and a poser- as far as Tim’s channel goes he’s legit and it’s obviously bugs the shit out you
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  6. baron

    baron Residual

    I used to watch you proving demons until i realized you are twit..You are as fake as they come and you are a want to be...all you do is try to hate on others which is joke...All one has to do is look at your youtube channel..the only thing you have proved is that you are a hater..
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  7. Carisa

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    You must really really want attention by coming on Tim's forums trying to call him
    It's funny how you're on Tim's livescifi fourms trying to call Tim out. Looks like you're the troll & the fake. Commenting on Other peoples channel trying to act lik
    You must really really want attention by coming on Tim's forums trying to "call him out". Your profile says you're 28 but, you act like you're in high school. You constantly try and call Tim out. Like really are you obsessed with him? You constantly talk about Tim, And You got caught trying to steal Tim's content. Tim's been doing live shows 10 + years. All you mostly do is live Q&A's... grow up bud!
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  8. baron

    baron Residual

    I w
    I wouldn’t call it confidence, it’s stupidity
  9. tim_livescifi

    tim_livescifi boo Staff Member

    Hey there I don't really know what your problem is however it seems that you are obsessed with me and my channel. I have never faked anything, on any show and I stand by every video that I have ever published on YouTube. As you know most of my videos are live, and used to shoot a ton of them in my old apartment which was not more than 600 sq feet. The video that you are questioning was shot in that apartment, and I threw a ton of stuff in the kitchen area to keep it off camera, I had never said anything in that video was paranormal - or even acted like anything in that video was paranormal. If that is the only thing that you can bring up in over my 12 years of live streaming on various platforms than you are retard.
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  10. Kellee

    Kellee Poltergeist

    Are you fucking kidding me? oh man, how'd i miss not replying to this absolute TOOL. He is a joke. signing up to the livescifi forums to have a go at Tim, really? idiot. He even admits people hate his guts - I wonder why.

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