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  1. MelanieS

    MelanieS Residual

    Click on "new comment."

    When that comes up, I'm fairly certain it means someone has place a new comment on your profile. Once that comment has been looked at, I think it returns back to "My Profile".

    Give it a shot and see what it does. :)
  2. Devils_Darkness

    Devils_Darkness Residual

    New Comment is where the My Profile is. It becomes New Comment when someone has posted a new comment to your profile. Once you click on that and view the comment it will go back to My Profile. :D
  3. oddnumber

    oddnumber Residual

    Re: Profile problem

    I don't know what's wrong, but I see "my profile" perfectly fine on top. Could be what Devils_Darkness said about the new comments, so try checking your new comments.
  4. dana

    dana Residual

    Thank you so much for your help! Y'all are terrific! :D My problem has been resolved! Okay, I am blonde and I am not technologically minded, so with that combination it's a wonder I can log in at all!! :lol: Hope to see y'all Saturday night!
  5. mssusie24

    mssusie24 Residual

    help with profile

    how do i make mine a pretty profile like my myspace? i have been trying to for the past few days. im going crazy lol
  6. luvss

    luvss Residual

    susie, I believe you need to go into CSS tools
  7. brooker

    brooker Residual

    profile problem

    i would like this pofile removed please as i can no longer view the shows in archives or watch a live show being displayed on ustream , this is my fault i think as i may have removed cookies by mistake. :(


    good luck on saturday :D
  8. auroraangel2b

    auroraangel2b Residual


    maybe u should try a system restore.go to start on desktop>All programs>Accessories>System Tools>System restore.Restore your computer to earlier time click it.Click next.pick a day before this happened.
    click next.then it should restore and restart your computer.hope that helps you.Good Luck.
  9. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    Re: profile problem

    sorry to hear brooker, if you need help send me a pm ill be more then happy to walk you through the necessary steps..
  10. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual


    Either its too early in the morn or I'm just a dumb blonde ...maybe both *shrug* but where is the profile area? There use to be buttons for Members and your own I can't find the darn things...
  11. master_T

    master_T Poltergeist Staff Member

    Re: Profiles

    you can find your profile under the user control panel...underneath the board index top left of this screen. =P~
  12. krzymoose

    krzymoose Residual

    Re: Profiles

    I can't sign into chat :( I lost all my friends :(
    what shall I do now??? :(

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