Priests Surprise Request To Perform Exorcism.

Discussion in 'Forums Support' started by Barry Milstead, May 31, 2018.

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    Following a lengthy battle with depression and anxiety, my wife allegedly had a "nervous breakdown" which caused her to be "hospitalized" for psychiatric help. Visitors were limited to myself and our two priests, who visited both together and separately to pray and counsel with my wife.
    On Sunday, the two priests pulled me aside after mass, wanting to talk to me. I thought they were going to give me information about some Christian therapy groups to which they have access. (Licensed therapists with a Christian outlook) Boy, was I WRONG !!!
    These two men wasted no time in telling me that they had discussed it among themselves and the Bishop. They said they both felt they had enough evidence that "something" was inside my wife, and wanted permission to get rid of it through "prayer and special blessings".....It was suggested that her mental condition of "Sinking Thinking" may have invited whatever it is. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that I was actually hearing this conversation. We discussed the matter further. One of the priests said, he can use language this is not so scary, or he may even go ahead and do it in Latin. She won't understand it, but "they" will. Then he opened one side of his briefcase, which contained a full blown "Exorcism Kit", from which I was given a crucifix and told to place it between the mattress and box spring until they could arrange for the "Special prayers" for my wife and our home.
    When I told the wife our priests wanted to give her some "special prayers", as one might assume an illness would warrant, her immediate response was to ask if they were going to perform an exorcism. (My spine shivered at this point. why would she even ask that particular question?)
    Those effected by such things aren't usually supposed to talk about it, but IMHO, this information needed to be shared. These men are concerned, and they are serious. This is NOT a drill, this is REAL. Remember, they asked ME, I didn't ask them......

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