Prayers and wishes needed for Ethan..

Discussion in 'show discussions' started by master_T, May 11, 2008.

  1. master_T

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    First off I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive of Sasha and I with our first child. However early this morning we had to admit Ethan back to the hospital because he was running a really high temperature, Sasha and I will be at the hospital over the next few days taking care off the little guy. We would really appreciate all your prayers during this tough and trying time.


  2. spook

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    oh dear Tim.. i'm so sad to hear that. sending you and Sasha and EJ ((((hugs))))) [​IMG]
    newborns have an amazing way of sending out warnings when something may be wrong..even if it's small. fevers are popular. so keep the faith Tim & Sasha! and remember.. it's nothing you did. EJ is in good hands..

    i'm going to be positive and believe that all will be fine. you are all in my prayers! you are family! :wink:
  3. squirlz

    squirlz Residual

    our thoughts and prayers are with you
  4. train

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    Tim and sooo very sorry to hear..and indeed my prayers go out to Ethan and to the best parents in the world you and Sasha..little ones especially new borns have a tendency to get ill soon after they are born... could be a small cold or may an ear not a doctor but they have a tiny immune system..and im sure it gonna be just fine and Sasha did the best thing a parent can do you took Ethan to the hospital...i will be checking back for updates Tim...just stay strong for the little guy

    xoxoxoxo (((((Ethan, Sasha, Tim)))))

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  5. pammykins

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    you're in my thoughts and prayers
  6. warpedandtwisted

    warpedandtwisted Residual

    will do Tim. I'm sure he will be fine. We are praying for him.
  7. Dear Heavenly Father

    Please send your powers of love and healing down on little Ethan , he is not feeling well right now, send your angels now Lord to be with him and Tim and Sasha as they head to the hospital Lord give the doctors the healing hand to help little Ethan. Lord in this I pray
  8. Nicole624

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    I am so sorry Tim! I will keep him in my prayers!
  9. L.Gaunder

    L.Gaunder Residual

    No news yet?

    May all our love surround lil EJ in white , healing light.
  10. horseshoehank

    horseshoehank Residual

    sending healing thoughts your way.....keep your chins up...hope he feels better soon!

  11. krzymoose

    krzymoose Residual

    Prayers and prayer chains are in effect Tim and Sasha...

    I'm positive little Ethan will be fine....My heart is with you 3!
  12. ilook4spooks

    ilook4spooks Residual

    Sending prayers for little Ethan and you guys. Hang in there.
  13. val1344

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    Sending prayers your way little one..
  14. Crymsyn

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    Sending prayers out for Baby Ethan and all of you. He had a long hard birth and these things often happen. I have faith the gods and doctors will take care of him and he will be home soon/

  15. Mommo66

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    Tim, I'm so sorry you and Sasha are going through this. My heart goes out to you guys. I've gone through this same experience when my Grandson Jaden was born. He started running a very High fever and never got to leave the hospital. He was hospitalized for his first 3 weeks of life. We found out he was born with Viral Meningitis and had to have 4 blood transfusions. I'm not telling you this to scare you. i'm just speaking from experience. Have the Dr's run lots of tests to rule it out!!! All of us here at are praying for little EJ !!!!

    Sending you Big Hugs,

    Teresa ~aka~ mommo66
  16. Residual

    :cry: So sorry to hear about EJ my prayers are with all 3 of you. With all his aunts and uncles praying for him he will be well soon.
  17. spiritsheart

    spiritsheart Residual

    My prayers go out to not only for Ethan's health and well being but for Tim and Sasha to be strong
  18. stmac70

    stmac70 Residual

    A Bud you know the livescifi Family will do everything and anything possible for the Nephew.......Be good and get my nephew better..
  19. Zabe

    Zabe Residual

    Best of luck Tim. I'm sure everything will be fine.

  20. Pattyc1965

    Pattyc1965 Residual

    sending thoughts and lots of positive vibes your way

    Tim & Sasha:

    I'm praying whatever little Ethan is suffering from is minor...although I know from experience--it is a MAJOR worry to you both..and a very scary and anxious time for you all.
    I'm sure he will be just fine...Keep the faith ..Prayers and hugs being sent your way

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