Planet Weird Museum of the Occult Scam

Discussion in 'Paranormal News' started by Valak, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Valak

    Valak Ghost

    So I recently to a ghost conference were the creators of Planet Weird Greg Newkirk had set up their own Weird Museum of the Occult and was not at all impressed. I just wanted to let everyone know that the all of the items seem to have made up stories behind them and they did not seem haunted at all. The creators of this exhibit seem to be nothing but charlatans trying to make a quick buck off the paranormal community by making up phony stories for their supposedly haunted objects. Are they trying to be Zak Baggins or John Zaffis now? lol...These amateurs didn't even seem to know how to investigate during their own event..I find it highly unlikely that they would even know if one of their objects that they picked up at their second hand store is even haunted...
  2. BonezSax

    BonezSax Residual

    I have suspected that Greg Newkirk was a fake, it seems like the guy goes around on social promotes his own articles, I guess it would make since for him to make up stories about haunted objects. As a long time reddit poster I did a search one of his recently haunted objects and looks like the post was faked go figure for the creepy statue..I find it really suspicious that a new reddit poster posted this...
  3. wow....I had never heard of this museum but will be staying away

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