Picture taken of entity in my room

Discussion in 'Photographs' started by Weeping Sparrow, Jan 13, 2017.

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    So my roommate and I were talking about paranormal things and all of a sudden we felt energies around us, we had a ghost box that we were toying with and it started to pick up three distinct voices holding a conversation, it wasn't scary, it felt like they were always there and we were just hearing them for the first time. Though an hour into talking with them I saw a large dark mass starting to form by our door and the temperature dropped by ten degrees. I yelled that it wasn't welcome, because it was way darker than the other three we were chatting with. Then the ghost box started picking up growling and sounds that made us uneasy. We decided to get some air so we left the building and walked around before coming back in, bringing one of our friends back with us. We started chatting with the ghost box again but they kept telling our friend to leave, almost like they were frightened of something. Then a deep voice yelled for him to leave, and we walked him out, on our way back to our room we heard a low growl and then that deep voice yelled for us to get out and with my roommate literally in tears we left. I could feel the dark energy around the building but I gathered up the nerve to walk past our room and snap a few pictures. This is the only picture that showed anything in the room even tho we could see a dark shape moving inside, and even splitting the blinds up top once. This ordeal continued but that's all for the pictures.
    [​IMG]SSo [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Eeeewwwwee that's creepy!
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    Well that's really creepy it looks like a witch or something!
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    Creepy is right! Those eyes are really penetrating great photo
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    Yea we continued to feel something watching us whenever we were in the room or within eyeshot of our window. I also felt a very dark entity in the room as I was cleansing it. I flicked my oil towards the entity and felt it whip around and grab my face. I then threw up and was forced to leave the property for a few hours.
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    i don't see a picture :(
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    I don't see a photo either. Please repost!
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    the pictures don't work..please repost or else I will have to lock the thread!

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